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V8 Protein Bars & Holiday Snacking Tips

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Holiday snacking can kill your diet and exercise plan. I’m all for splurging on my favorite treats around the holidays, but sometimes those splurges can lead to a total breakdown of the disciplines I’ve worked so hard to maintain. That’s why I try to choose snacks that will keep me on the right track, and only splurge when it’s really worth it.

From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day I am on the run non-stop. I travel almost every weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas. My Christmas shopping starts on Black Friday and ends on Christmas Eve (I wish I was kidding). I’m the mom whose schedule is normally packed as tight as it can possibly get, and the holidays only seem about 9,000 times worse. I have four kids so everyday life is crazy, and holiday life is INSANE! So trust me, I understand what you’re dealing with, but please, don’t give up on your goals over the holidays. I hope these holiday snacking tips help you stay determined and motivated throughout this busy holiday season.


My Tips For You:


– Always be prepared. Whether you are at the doctors office or shopping for Christmas presents, make sure you keep a healthy snack with you at all times. I personally always keep at least one protein bar in my purse and one box of protein bars in my car. But remember not all protein bars are created equal. Some have insane amounts of sugar in them, while others just taste like cardboard. Try to find a protein bar that offers more than just protein.

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My current favorite is the new V8 Protein in Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin. They have 10g of protein, 5g of fiber, and NO High Fructose Corn Syrup! Each bar has 1/4 cup of veggies in it, which really matters to me because here lately, I have not been eating enough veggies. These V8 Protein bars taste great, and that matters to me because I cannot force myself to eat something that doesn’t satisfy my taste buds.

– Find a water bottle you love, and take it everywhere you go. I am a water bottle snob. There are water bottles I love, and some that I hate. I know that I will only drink water from the bottles I like, so I make sure to take them with me everywhere I go! Drink as much water as you possibly can. Also, drinking 8oz of water before a meal can help you keep your portions under control.

– Don’t give in to the sample carts! I cannot stress this enough. Samples are great… for kids, but when it comes to keeping track of what you’re eating samples can make a much bigger mess than you would think! Not only that, but you will still fill hungry even if you’ve eaten a meals worth of calories during your sampling adventure.

– Don’t give in to the “sweet” temptations. When you choose which desserts to consume during the holidays. Is it worth it to work it off? If it’s not, don’t eat it. During the holidays try to splurge on desserts that you love, for me that would be cheesecake, creme brulee tiramisu, desserts I can’t get every day. Anything else just feels like a waste. If my taste buds aren’t in heaven, it’s not worth it.


– Hit the gym as often as possible. I personally have decided to change my schedule. I used to work out at lunch time, but that just isn’t working for me anymore. I have too many appointments and too much work to do, to stop and work out. I have found that working out after my husband gets off work, is much easier to maintain right now. If you need to switch things up, do it, but don’t stop hitting the gym!

– THINK before you fill up that glass with eggnog or alcohol. As much as you may want to down 8oz of eggnog or party drinks at your company Christmas party, drinking your calories is not usually a great choice. If you want to drink your calories at least choose something healthier like V8 Protein Shakes.

I want to show you what this difference really looks like:



How crazy is that? Yeah, I’ll be choosing the Chocolate Raspberry V8 Protein Shakes this year!


 You can find the V8 Protein Bars and Shakes in the protein aisle at Walmart, usually located near health and beauty.

Want to learn more about V8 Protein Bras and Shakes? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


I had a little creative fun with these V8 Protein Bars! Check it out:


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