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Top Jobs For Work At Home Moms

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As a single mom I feel extremely blessed to be able to work from home. I am able to make enough money to support my children (with the help of child support) and still spend as much time as possible with the kiddos. These are some of my favorite, and in my opinion top jobs for the work at home moms. I have personally done each of these jobs.


Here are just a few of the jobs I have worked personally:

– eBay Sales: This was my first at-home job! I have an eye for things that will sell well, and I used this to make my eBay business a success. All I would do was browse yard sales and thrift shops, and buy what I thought would sell. Then I went home, listed it, and was rolling in the dough. I did really well with this, but got a bad taste in my mouth when eBay changed their feedback policy and I got burned by a few buyers. I also really didn’t enjoy listing the products lol, but it was very profitable. I still catch myself trying to buy to sell, but I try to control myself!

– Mystery Shopper: Yes, this was one of my favorite things to do when my boys were little. While the pay was little the perks were great, and there were some shops that paid very well! I am still on many email lists for various mystery shopping companies and have seen the commission and rewards increase over the years. For example last month they were looking for shoppers to eat at Red Lobster and the Cheesecake Factory. After the completed shop you received a gift card to each. So basically it was like a Buy 1 Get 1 deal! Not bad if you plan to eat there anyway. They also do a lot of bar shops… free drinks are always nice!

– At Home Call Agent: I worked from home answering calls for 1-800flowers a few years ago. The pay was great considering I didn’t have to commute, buy clothing for the office, or leave my infant in daycare. This job was seasonal and I chose not to continue because it is vital that you maintain a noise-free home, which ended quickly after my newborn was born! My favorite thing about a job like this is that you can go from working at home to working in a customer service call center because you have the experience. That is a great option for moms who would like to return to the workforce after the children head off to school!

– Blogger: Obviously this is my current and favorite at home job. It’s not easy, and it takes a ton or work, but with drive and determination you can make it happen. You can make money by working with brands, going on trips, and ad views. The best thing about blogging is that you can do it anytime from any location! Gotta love that flexibility!

-Creative Ideas: Do you have a hobby or talent that you can hone to earn extra money? Maybe you have an eye for fashion, consider becoming a personal shopper. If you have enough cash for an at home start-up you could open your own T-shirt pressing shop, or perhaps use specialized printers to create a Digital ID business for local companies. You could also go the crafty route and create pinterest inspired crafts to sell on Etsy or your own website. Creating shops online is now easier than ever, so your opportunities are endless.

So those are my top WAHM jobs, what are yours?

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.