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This Woman Is Amazing

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When I look back and think of all of the crazy things I have done, and how my life has turned out, I think of her.

The woman who taught me so much, by living her life in front of me.

She taught me to try new things.

To fail, and try again (no matter how many sleeves are sewn on inside out, or frosting colors don’t turn out right).

To be patient, and listen.

To be kind and love.

She taught me what it means to forgive and forget by forgiving me and forgetting what I did.

When I ran away, did drugs, told her I hated her, and tried to kill myself.

As a mother myself, I can’t imagine watching my child go down the wrong path. Choosing the wrong friends after numerous warnings, and spiraling out of control, while I watch helplessly.

But she did, and I survived… she did too.

Little did I know, I wasn’t the only one growing up… she was too.

I wasn’t the only one learning life’s lessons… she was too.

She was changing every day, every year more beautiful and wise than the year before.

I never saw the changes until I became a mom, and she became a nana.

Suddenly my perspective changed, and I saw things through the eyes she had seen them through.

Mother’s eye’s see the world in a different way.

They see dangers, and beauty in a way others cant.

They see hope, and pain, in way’s others don’t.

They sparkle, and glisten the way others should.

She’s changed my life, this woman I love.

She continues to change it, as she challenges me as a daughter and a mother.

To be the best, to be like her!

I love you Mom, more than you know and less than you deserve! You are amazing and I’m honored to call you my best friend.


Your only daughter

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.