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The Baby We Prayed For

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The Results are In!!

I started the progesterone shots that would help the embryo thrive. These shots were in my backside and the worst by far of the shots I had to have. These also continue well past the transfer date. My husband got to shoot the shot into a sharpie drawn target from the nurse while I was still in the OR on retrieval day. We alternated each night which side but it still got to the point where it was painful to walk and sit! But in the back of my mind every pain that I dealt with only made me stronger helping to remind myself it was all for the end result. I got the call from UNC that at day two we had 9 viable embryos starting. I would get a call on day three to let me know if they thought they would have to transfer one and freeze the rest or if we could let them develop until day 5 which was the optimum growth. Day three came and went and they gave the ok to leave them until day 5. My transfer was scheduled and the nerves came rushing right on back!

The day of the transfer I had to arrive with a full bladder. What a tough thing to do! I was afraid that I wasn’t going to drink enough and kept drinking on my way to the transfer. By the time I got to the office I thought I was going to burst. But I got ready in the pre op room and had a chance to talk with the embryologist before going in to the OR. At day 5 we finalized with 6 that could be chosen from. They rate the quality and we had one that was of the best quality which became the one that was chosen to transfer. I even got to see a picture of the embryo they chose. Once in the room I had to verify that the information on the dish holding my possible baby was indeed me and that they were transferring only that one. Once set up Dr. S expertly navigated my inner roadway using the mock diagram from almost a month earlier and as I watched on the screen she completed the procedure! It was so fast!

I walked myself out of the OR and had to wait 5 minutes to  and then FINALLY got to empty my bladder! Oh my goodness that felt so good, but at the same time I was scared. What if somehow my baby fell out? What if in the continued wait and race to the bathroom did I jiggle it too much and did it not attach?!? AHHH all the crazy non realities that went through my head! In the end, I wrapped up and changed my clothes, made my appointment for May 10 for a HCG blood draw. Now it was back to hurry up and wait.

Two days. Two days until we knew if we were going to be parents. Two days, did I mention we had to wait two days?!? It seemed like forever! The morning of May 10 I travel to the office for the last step of the beginning of our lives. I go in and wait my turn for the blood draw. Thankfully, and maybe a little luck P is the one working the weekend and takes my blood for the final time pre-news. After a 10 minute visit I’m told that a doctor on for the weekend would call me after reviewing the lab results. I picked this Saturday to work my ½ day to help keep me busy. At 11:30am as I am wrapping up my paperwork my cell phone starts to ring with the caller ID stating three simple letters, UNC.

My heart feels like it has stopped, I can’t breathe, all of a sudden I realize as I have sat there I could already have our miracle growing inside or worse what if it is news that we don’t wish to hear. I’m 45 minutes from home, how will I get there if it isn’t good news? How will I get there if it is good news? I know you just want me to pick up the phone and tell you that the past month and even futher of almost 5 years has all been worth it and God has it in his plan. I answer the phone and the on call doctor, one I had seen a few times over the course of my visits is on the other end. After verifying that yes I am me, the next words are, “I am excited to be the first one to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!” My heart stopped, for real this time and then poor doctor had to wait until the sobbing full of hiccups, shaking and laughter slowed to tell me what I had to do next and when.

We scheduled my first ultrasound for observation and said our goodbyes. Not too long after I received a text from my doctor and an email from my nurse as they had all been alerted that operation baby Walton was a success. I immediately gathered my things and spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out the best way to tell Jim since I knew ahead of him. I pulled into the driveway, said a prayer to my unborn baby, took a deep breath and walked into the house. Jim immediately asked if I had heard and I told him that I did receive the call and if he was really ready to be called daddy? He was speechless and jumped up from his chair and we hugged and cried together, our dream finally come true. After we adjusted the best we could to our news we shared the news with our parents and siblings and a few close friends that had been with us every step of the way, knowing our timeline and waiting as anxious as those related to us. Our dream was reality and come January of 2015 we would have our baby, our miracle, our love.




This post was written by Krystle Walton a Faithfully Free contributor

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.