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Technology On The Road Makes Me Feel Safer

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By the time I was twelve I had already experienced three terrifying car accidents. I was injured in two of them, and I was traumatized by witnessing one of them in my elementary school parking lot. As a mother of four the advancement of technology in the automobile industry is something I can get behind.

Technology On The Road Makes Me Feel Safer

No, I’m not talking about wi-fi and a drop down DVD player in every vehicle. I’m talking about safety features that I believe should be in every car truck and van, that comes off the assembly line.

Safety technologies have come a long way, and they would have saved me from years of trauma as a child. Something as simple as a backup sensor warning my uncle that my little brother had run out behind his truck before he realized it and climbed onto his tailgate, or a blind spot monitor that would have prevented the lady who pulled out in front of my mom causing both of my front teeth to be firmly pushed into the back of the roof of my mouth. Yes, I could have done without those experiences.

Hopefully, my children will never know those kinds of scary and life threatening situations.

Blind Spot Monitor

I love my car’s safety features. I just got a new car a few months ago, and it has taken me a few months to learn how to use it. For example. I noticed these little cars on my mirrors when I started driving my car, but I had no idea what they meant. It wasn’t until I saw them light up for the first time that I realized that they were my blind spot monitors, and I love them!

I don’t believe in getting lazy because of technology . Instead, I believe that technology helps us almost like a sixth sense. It sees things we literally can’t!

Back-Up Camera Safety

My favorite feature and the feature I can’t do without is my back-up camera. From scooters in my driveway to people walking behind my car in a parking lot this camera is a lifesaver. Not only can I see everything that is directly behind my car, but I can also see what is coming in from the left and the right. If I’m trying to back out of a parking space and a car is coming from the left or the right my car will start beeping like crazy, and the red area will light up like the image below. Many times I can’t even see the car in my camera, but the car can sense it coming. It’s pretty amazing!

Car Back-Up Camera

While my current car doesn’t have these features, my last car did so I wanted to mention that some cars come with a lane departure warning feature which is great for people who make lots of long trips. If you find yourself driving while tired, and you don’t realize you’re getting out of your lane, the car will start to beep when you get close to crossing the line. My last car (which was a van) also had a forward collision feature, and this was also useful not so much because I needed it for myself but more for defensive driving. It was an amazing tool to have for when someone else decided to slam on breaks. It was like it had the uncanny ability to warn me before I could even tell that the car ahead of me was slowing down way too fast.

Back-Up Camera

Overall, I love the technology my new car offers. From remote/push start, keyless entry, to being able to view everything that is behind and beside my car. I feel safer knowing that I have technology on my side when I’m driving my car. My children have been fortunate and haven’t experienced the car trauma I did as a child, and I hope they never do. I can only image how far technology will have come by the time they are driving, and that excites me.


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Do you love your car’s safety features? How do you feel like it keeps your family safer on the roads?



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Sharing is caring!

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