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Sphero Robotic Toy Ball Review

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~ My family received this toy for the purpose of writing this Sphero Robotic Toy Ball Review. All opinions belong to us!


A few weeks ago my family received a cool new toy to review called Sphero. My boys love all things technology based, so I already knew this toy would be a hit. To help you get a better idea about this toy, and how my kids feel about it I decided to let my son John write his second review on this blog.

John, take it away… 😉

A Kid’s View: 

A few weeks ago my mom let me try out a new robot-like toy for any IOS or Android device called Sphero. Sphero has many apps you can download for different settings and game play, such as the Sphero Golf App which is where you hold your device as if it’s a golf club and swing , Sphero then acts as a golf ball and will roll the exact same place you aimed the club (your device)!

The original app is where you can move a circle pad on your screen up , down , left or right and it will move the way you  wanted it to go

Sphero also has a  gel case so it can roll outside in any terrain and has a feature that makes it able to roll on water , Sphero is very fun and your kids will like it too.

Check out the video I took of our Sphero owning the pool!

Pretty cool, huh? I think the Sphero toy is a fun toy and is a great gift for kid’s around my age ( 8 , 9 , 10, or 11)


 A Mom’s View: 

I’ll be honest, I don’t buy a lot of toys for my boys. It’s hard to find any toy that can both keep their attention and hold up to how rough they are with their toys. I personally love this toy. It’s made from some pretty strong materials and I know this because I’ve dropped it quite a few times!

I also love that the Sphero already has over 30 apps the kids can mess around with. I’m sure they will continue to create more, which means more play time. This generation has a short attention span, so it’s nice when a toy can keep up with the growing demand for toys to “do more”.

I also love that Sphero makes my boy’s iPod experience more “hands-on”. they aren’t just playing games, they are actually interacting with something “real world”. It’s pretty cool because much like a remote works the television, I think this is a great way for kids to experience how technology can control objects.


I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with the fact that this little robotic ball can drive around my house and yard, change colors, and even do flips. Now if they only had a cleaning app for this things! 😉


Sphero is a great addition to our already awesome family game night. Last we each tested out how good our “operating skills” were. To be honest, we all kind of stunk at first. This week we are going to have each member of the family create an obstacle course to see who creates the coolest course for the Sphero (that it can actually complete). I  will be sure to share pictures of this for you.


What You Need To Know: 

Sphero is on a mission to make learning fun and inspire the innovators of tomorrow. Check out the Sphero SPRK (Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids) program which helps kids understand the basics of programming, robotics and math.

-Shop for the Sphero Toy Ball  here.

-Get all the latest news and updates on Sphero at and

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.