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Sophie’s Petco Grooming Story

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This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Petco Grooming blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. #PetcoGrooming #MM

Sophie's Petco Grooming Story

I have talked about Sophie before, and I have never been afraid to admit that she’s a bit of a diva. We are okay with that. After all, we named her after a princess! We knew growing up with two drama queens (John would say three) she would most likely become one herself, but how could we have known that grooming would be such a big deal for her?

Sophie is the biggest scaredy cat ever! She is afraid of her own shadow. Anyone who has a dog that is afraid of everything knows how difficult it can be to do, well, just about anything. If I drop a pan in the kitchen, Sophie turns into Scooby-Doo. I kid you not, that dog runs across the floor so fast she can’t catch traction. If she had wings, she would fly away. As funny as it can be, it can also be pretty sad. She breaks my heart sometimes.

July 4th is one of those times. Our poor baby can’t catch a break when people start breaking out the fireworks, and if it also happens to be a weekend when it’s stormy (like it was this year), I worry that she may have a heart attack. I’m not even kidding. This 4th of July, Sophie and I sat in the kitchen in the dark while everyone else was celebrating. I tried calming her down but she was panting and pacing and her was heart racing. I can only assume she was thinking it was once again the end of the world.

Sophie Burying Her Bone Under The Camper

Sophie Burying Her Bone Under The Camper

I scheduled her a grooming appointment for the day after the Fourth of July at our closest Petco. She desperately needed a bath because we had been camping three times since her last grooming appointment and she was starting to stink up the camper! She isn’t a huge fan of getting baths, but she HATES (all caps necessary) getting her nails trimmed and her ears cleaned. We have never found a groomer that could trim more than one nail or get her ears cleaned successfully.

Petco Grooming Salon

When I dropped her off at Petco, I warned the groomer about her nails, and he said they would try their best. I also explained the fireworks and her stressful weekend. While I was waiting for Sophie, I was able to run to the hospital and pick up my MRI films for my upcoming neurosurgery appointment while in Chesapeake! Much to my surprise, when I returned to pick her up, the groomer informed me that not only had they cleaned her ears (with about six sets of cotton balls, YUCK!) they clipped her nails without any problems! Wait … say what? Are we talking about the same dog?

Sophie's Nails Trimmed

I loved my old groomer, but after only one visit (coincidentally the day after my dog had been super stressed) they managed to do two things my old groomer could never do! I don’t know how they did it, and they didn’t put her under, because she was wide awake when I picked her up ;). They must be dog whisperers!



Our second #PetcoGrooming win… Sophie let them clean her ears! So, it's possible that our girl is a little high maintenance! ? I'm just glad we finally found a groomer that can take care of our baby girl. This message is for you @petco! #MM #spon #pitlabmix #lab #pitbull #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogs_of_instagram #furbaby #pets #petstagram #petblogger #petco #petvideo

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I can promise you that we will NEVER take Sophie anywhere else. We have found our forever groomers!

Sophie After Grooming

The kids sniffed Sophie like she was a scratch-and-sniff sticker all the way to the car. You would have thought we had never given her a bath before! I’ll admit she smelled amazing, and I am going to have to purchase whatever it was they sprayed on her because I could get used to that!

Now that we’ve experienced Petco’s grooming services for ourselves I can’t recommend them enough! Petco Grooming offers convenient pampering from Petco Certified Stylists at more than 1,200 locations with a variety of bathing, hair-cutting, and spa service packages. Now that I know how well Sophie will do, I plan to get her nails painted and get her a blueberry facial, because DIVA PUP!

On a serious note, I think it’s super important to note that every Petco grooming service begins with the 7-Point Pet Care Check: a visual and physical screening that checks for abnormalities on your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, nose, under-side, skin, coat, nails, and pads. All Petco Certified Stylists have completed many layers of training, whether they are experienced stylists or a new partner. Petco believes healthiness is happiness, and this service makes grooming easy and stress-free for both you and your pet! That makes me one happy pet mama!


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