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Simple Beautiful Online Calendars

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Simple beautiful online calendars aren’t easy to come by. I have to be honest and tell you that in all of my years of internet use I have yet to find an online calendar I love, until now. I am a calendar girl. Right now I have three calendars in my office. I also have Facebook calendar notifications and a Google calendar that I am forced to use because of my job.

Simple Beautiful Online Calendars

I love using calendars to write down deadlines, birthdays, and even shopping trips, but I have always preferred physical calendars to the calendar options available online or on my phone. It’s not that I’ve never tried online calendars, trust me, I want to have a digital calendar. No, I need to have a digital calendar. Can you imagine how annoying it is to carry my full-size desktop calendar with me every time I visit my parents? I usually end up copying everything onto one of my smaller calendars or planners that take up more time than I care to admit.

Easy Beautiful Online Calendars

So why have I avoided online calendars? Well, because online calendars look nothing like my main desktop calendars and planners. They are usually boring and overly complicated when I just want simple beautiful online calendars that make my life easier. A physical calendar doesn’t require much from you. You just write your information on it, and you’re done. This is not the case with the online calendars I have used in the past. They want dates, times, alarm settings, and more. They also look more like planner pages than a basic wall calendar.

My life is crazy enough without learning how to use a new software just to keep track of important dates. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to use a calendar when I travel, in the car, and from any room in my house, but I have tried dozens of online calendars and never visited the site again after entering my information. They simply don’t appeal to me.

Simple Beautiful Online Calendars:

Today that all changed. Today for the first time I found a calendar that I immediately knew I would love forever! It’s a simple, beautiful online calendar system by Beautiful Calendar and it looks exactly like all the calendars I have purchased in the past, only it’s a digital version. Why didn’t I create this?! I could kick myself for that, but I’m still glad someone else thought of people like me. It’s also crazy easy to install because it’s a Google Chrome Extension!

Simple Beautiful Online Calendars Review

I just want a simple, easy to use, stress-free online calendar system. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Oh, and did I mention it’s beautiful? If the name didn’t give it away, you could think of Beautiful Calendar as your own seasonal calendar store. Surely you’ve seen the mini-shops that pop up in the mall every Christmas. They sell every type of wall calendar you can imagine. Each calendar has its own cute monthly theme. Well guess what… so does Beautiful Calendar! These are just a few of my favorite themes:

Simple Beautiful Online Calendars Digital

Online Calendar Reviews

Beautiful Online Calendar Themes

Not only can you quickly add your events to these beautiful online calendars, but you can also sync your Facebook and Google calendars so you can keep all of your events and deadlines in one place. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Easy To Use Online Calendar

So what are you waiting for? Check out Beautiful Calendar today and start adding your events, deadlines, and reminders online so you can take your calendar with you everywhere you go! Simple beautiful online calendars are no longer elusive to me, and that means my life just got a little bit easier!

Want to learn more? Check out Beautiful Calendar on Facebook.

You can use Beautiful Calendar on your desktop and mobile devices.


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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

I can't find this anywhere. Is it still active? I am looking for something that would let me make my google calendars look nicer.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.