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Have You Seen My Brain?

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Mommy Brain The Struggle Is REAL

Cause I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it!

Has this ever happened to you? You are super excited to meet up with a friend, and you are taking a shower, getting dressed, putting on your and the phone rings

Me: Hello.

My Friend: Hey girl, where are you?

Me: I’m at home getting ready, where are you?

Friend: I’m here waiting for you, we were supposed to meet at 9:00.

Me: OH MY GOSH, tell me your kidding! I thought it was at 11:00.

The conversation above wouldn’t be so bad if the poor girl hadn’t called me 20 times to confirm and remind me when we were meeting for the Bible study!

This happens to me ALL the time.

Heck, I will stand at the refrigerator door staring at the food inside because I forgot what I was looking for. I mean it’s the fridge how hard can it be? I use to call it the “pregnancy stupids” but after four kids I am convinced I will never be “smart ” again, at least not on my own!

I have resorted to making, even more, lists than I did before I had kids, using three dry erase boards the size of Texas and my smart phone!

I honestly believe that these things are the only way I manage to get anything accomplished in a day!

If you are penciled in on any one (or more) of these things then I should be able to remember you, unless I write the time down wrong (as was the case with the situation above)! I love to write things down, and I like to store everything else in my phone!

I have to set my alarms to remind me “hey it’s time to pick those two boys up from school”,  “don’t forget to buy Nilla Wafers for John Jr’s class”, “don’t forget to post on forgetting things”, or my least favorite “it’s time to wake up”!

I am so thankful for my alarm.I also love being able to leave myself notes to remind myself to talk to my husband about things before I do them!

Enough about me… Let’s talk about you! Can you relate to my scatterbrain? How do you keep the “stupids” at bay

How do you use your phone to stay sane? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.