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Scrapbooking With Die Cuts – Boys Will Be Boys

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I have assembled some more Scrapbooking With Die Cuts layout ideas in hopes of inspiring layouts of your favorite photos. These are some of my “scrapbook-able” photos that I wanted needed to get in my memory book. Die cuts give us such versatility in our page making that I wonder how I managed before they came along. I hope these layouts help provide some inspiration for your most “scrapbook-able” photos.

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Scrapbooking With Die Cuts

How these Scrapbooking With Die Cuts Were Created

Scrapbooking With Die Cuts-Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys is actually the second layout I have made with this photo. This picture is so thought-provoking, that I wanted to do another layout with it. Read below to see how this layout was done:

  • The Frame: Cut two layers of the Frame #M3F91C image from the Cricut Camp Out Cartridge and glue them together. Next, wrap some string around the four corners of the sticks frame. Die cuts of knots are available in this image, but in this case, I used string to give the frame more depth and character. Since the stick frame did not completely frame the photo, adding a mat in a coordinating color bring everything together.
  • The Lizards: Using image #M349EE from the Southwest Cricut Cartridge, one creature is sized to match the font in the word Boys to replace the S. The others are made bigger and mirrored for embellishment purposes.
  • The Title: Boys is cut using image #M44C23 from the Cricut Cartridge Nate’s ABC as well as the words “will be, and boy. This Boys image has a nice feeling associated with it and it brought some personality to the page.

Scrapbooking With Die Cuts-Scuba Summer

Scuba Summer is the layout that I was really excited about creating. Ever since I saw the photo of Jordan with his cast and scuba gear, I knew this picture would end up in my memory book. It was simply a matter of when and how. Read how to create this layout below:

  • The Frame: Using the Cricut Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge, Image #M436B6 was resized to fit around the 4-inch x 6-inch picture of my scuba grandson. The frame image reminded me of bubbles, so I used printed paper to add to the vision.
  • The Title: SCUBA SUMMER was cut using the Cricut Cartridge Robotz. To add dimension, the letter M was replaced with scuba fins.
  • The Fins: Cut with the Silhouette Curio, the fins are part of the Scuba Diving Title Image and made perfect replacements for the letter M in this layout.

Scrapbooking With Die Cuts-Rookie

The Rookie is a layout was one that I have been planning for some time. This is one of those pictures that beg to be added to a memory book.

  • The Frame: This is a two-part frame. The first layer is the mat that is just slightly larger than the picture. Under that, is the Baseball image (M3D63F) from the Team Spirit Cricut Cartridge. Only two features of this image were used in this case.
  • The Bird and Bats: For accents, I created some stickers. The Bird image called Baseball, (#M3AAF3) was cut from the 3 Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridge. The Baseball Bats Image (#M450FE) cut from the Cricut Team Spirit Cartridge, is the other sticker that was added to the bottom corner.
  • The Title: Rookie is cut using image#M2E909 from the Cricut Cartridge Baseball. Only two features of this image were used as well.

As far as I’m concerned, the die cutting machines are the best part of scrapbooking today. These machines give us the freedom to design any frame, title, embellishment, or border we imagine to create amazing layouts. Add some sticker-makers to your toolkit, and you are ready to roll! Now, gather up your pictures. All that stands between you and the most fantastic layout ever, is your imagination.

For more Family layouts, feel free to check out my Family Scrapbook Page Ideas, or  Family Scrapbook Layout Ideas posts. And, please feel free to share your layouts with us. Scrapbookers can never get too much inspiration, right?

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