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Get Your Copy: How to Raise the Perfect Child

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Having grandchildren made me realize that my children did indeed come with a guide called How to Raise the Perfect Child! All those years ago, I remember thinking thoughts like, I sure wish these kids would have come with instructions or a manual. Or, how great would it be if I had a source to check out my “frequently asked questions.” Come to find out; my child raising guide was in the making and on its way!

How To Get Your Copy Of “How to Raise Perfect Child”:

How To Raise The Perfect Child

Step 1: Have a child or children and raise them to maturity with no official guidance (outside of family and friends advice, that is.) There is nothing in life that compares to having children. It is an experience of joy that is indescribable. Once they are born, as far as raising them goes, just wing it.  Do the best you can with what you have.

Step 2: Become a grandparent. If you think that you have experienced the ultimate joy when your children were born, think again. Becoming a grandparent is like being handed a gift that you didn’t even know you had been waiting for your whole life. The joy in becoming a grandparent is an experience so filled with bliss and elation; you will smile until your face hurts.


Step 3:  Watch and learn from your kids as they raise their youngsters. It will seem like your children know more about child raising from day one of their journey than you ever felt like you knew on yours. You will find that your children will take the best of how you and your spouse raised them, and use that knowledge to raise their offspring. Since the parents of your grandchildren were taking the lessons from at least four people while they were growing up, and then tweaking it, and then using it to raise their children, they are like a walking FAQ guide to child raising. I’m serious!

The proof is in the results! You and I, as grandparents, both know that our grandchildren are AWESOME! They are the best children we have ever seen in our lives! They can do no wrong! So, there you have it. All you have to do to get your personal copy of “How to Raise The Perfect Child” is, have a child. Then be patient as you wait for your grandchildren to arrive!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.