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Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

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Pokemon bedroom transformation. Now there’s a boy’s bedroom makeover I never saw coming! If you’re wondering why it’s because I hate the color red!

I’ve shared past makeovers for our boy’s rooms. Remember the orange room, that I decorated with skateboards?

Well, today I am sharing a paint project that my husband was not on board with, but thankfully allowed.

My son John was the sole inspiration for this Pokemon bedroom transformation. You see, John is a bit of an artist himself, came up with the idea to make his room into a Poké Ball, or as I like to say, and inside out Poké Ball, because let’s face it, if you’re inside a Poké Ball, you couldn’t see the outside of it could you (yes, this is what my family has to deal with)?

My husband was against this idea from the start because he hates painting with colors like black and red because the paint gets thin when you start painting with bold colors such as these.

That, and he knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to paint over those colors. Thankfully after much begging, and explaining that the black line would be minimal, and the white would brighten up the room, he caved.

Unlike our girl’s Little Mermaid bedroom makeover, we weren’t working with white walls.

No, no, no…. we were working with this beauty of a room:

Pokemon Bedroom Transformation:

Boys bedroom makeover from green floral to Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

You’ll notice that we don’t usually remove everything from the room before we paint, so if the mess bothers you, I’m sorry. My husband is an amazing painter and can paint quickly, and without making a mess, so this is how we do it.

How horrible is this color, and this flower? Although, who am I to judge? I’m sure someone looking at my son’s Poké Ball room is likely to say the same.

This flower was ridiculously annoying. Every time we thought we had painted over it, it would just come back through. The paint was very thick on the outline, but after many coats, we got it covered.


As you can see, the room was very, very green. It was like this when we moved in, and John had to endure this for a year. Thankfully he was patient with us.

How to Paint a Pokeball Bedroom:

The classic Poke’ Ball is red and white but you could also paint a Great Ball which is blue, red, black, and white. Or you could paint an Ultra Ball which is black, white, and yellow. Those would require a little more work as the design isn’t quite as simple, but they would look amazing.


  • Paint (red, white, and black)
  • Optional: Metallic silver paint for the Pokeball button
  • Putty to fill any holes
  • Sandpaper to sand down and runs or patched holes
  • Paintbrush and rollers
  • Stencil for the circle (we used a bucket lid)
  • Painters tape
  • Digital Level

As you may have noticed in previous pictures, my husband started by filling in the hundreds of holes John made in the wall, then painted the ceiling, and the baseboards.


Once he finished with those, he started with the red and outlined the entire room. He made marks around the room so he would have a rough idea of where to stop painting, but since the black stripe was going across the center, he didn’t have to worry too much about covering the red or white.

Before Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

As you can see, painting over the flower proved to be pretty tricky.


It wasn’t until he painted the white that I started to get excited. It opened the room up so much, and I was finally starting to see the vision my son saw for his Pokeball bedroom!


Of course the flower was still being a pain in the butt!


The black stripe was the most time consuming part of this paint job. He had to measure and tape, and measure again, and tape.


Then he would level, and re-tape.


Finally, he ended up purchasing one of these cool Skil laser levels and it worked great.

Though, he did say if you plan to use it often, he would recommend getting a more heavy-duty (more expensive) laser level.


Once he had everything measured and taped off, he finally started painting again!

Easy Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

We both went back and forth on how to do the circle in the middle of the black stripe, and finally my idea won out.

I suggested that we trace a bucket lid and paint around it with an edger, and then paint inside the circle as best we could. It worked like a charm, and I had painted the rest with a tiny paintbrush (think art class) to fix any spots where we couldn’t get close enough, or paint splattered.


I think it turned out pretty stinkin’ awesome.

Pokemon Bedroom Transformation - Boy's bedroom makeover ideas.

I was getting a lot of glare from the snow outside but will update with more “after” pics as soon as my son cleans his room (hey, I’m honest).

So what do you think of our Pokemon bedroom transformation?

2020 Update: We sold this house a few years ago, and I love seeing photos of this room on Facebook. The new owners had a young son and decided to keep the room the way we painted it!

Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

Pokemon Bedroom Transformation

Prep Time: 6 hours 4 seconds
Active Time: 12 hours 8 seconds
Total Time: 18 hours 12 seconds
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $30-$50

Transform your child's bedroom into a Pokeball with this simple painting tutorial.


  • Paint (red, white, and black)
  • Optional: Metallic silver paint for the Pokeball button
  • Putty to fill any holes
  • Sandpaper to sand down and runs or patched holes


  • Paintbrush and rollers
  • Stencil for the circle (we used a bucket lid)
  • Painters tape
  • Digital Level


  1. Start by prepping the room. Fill all holes with putty, paint ceilings and baseboards, and allow to dry. After the putty is dry, sand the spots down for a flush surface. Then wipe down the walls to remove any leftover debris.
  2. We started with the red and outlined the entire room. Use a pencil to mark where you need to stop painting. Since the black stripe goes across the center, don't worry too much about covering the red or white inside that space.
  3. After the red is complete, start on the white.
  4. Now you want to outline the black center stripe with painting tape. You can use a level to make sure your line looks perfect.
  5. Once the stripe is mapped out, you can paint it black, leaving an area for the Pokeball button.
  6. Using a bucket lid or whatever stencil you have on hand, paint the button using a brush.
  7. You can paint the inside of the button white like we did or make it even more realistic by painting it silver.

Sharing is caring!

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Amanda Parker

Friday 18th of November 2022

Do you remember the what color red you used??


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

@Shasta Walton, do you remember roughly how much you needed of each color?

Shasta Walton

Monday 21st of November 2022

Yes, it was Valspar Bright Red

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