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Pica Food App

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Today, I want to share a cool app called Pica Food, which is a part of the Pica Books app collection. My daughters love books, and as we dive more into the digital age reading is now something that everyone can enjoy. My youngest daughter can’t read yet, but with the power of technology she is able to sit with my iPad and listen to stories. While nothing replaces reading to our children, this is one aspect of technology that I fully embrace. I would much rather have my daughter following along with a read aloud book on my iPad, than playing Angry Birds. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy games, or letting my children play, but reading will always come first in this house!


Unlike e-books, book apps are more like a program than a traditional book. When you purchase an e-book you are buying a paper book in digital format. When you purchase a book app, you are purchasing a story inside an app with different functions, usually some games, and additional info. It’s like a book on steroids. Or maybe it would be better described as a mix between a movie and a book. The Pica Food app is an animated story, but it is so much more than that. It also has activities that go along with the story, as well as additional information for parents.

With the Pica Food app you get:

• 10 story pages containing illustrations and animation
• Awesome interactive objects on every page
• 4 cool games: Pica Puzzle, Pica Eraser, Pica Color and Pica Memory
• Record your own voice so your child can listen to a personalized story
• A 10-minute video featuring our expert clinical child psychologist
• A personalized diploma for your kid
• No advertising
• No in-app purchases

Now that’s something to get excited about!

Pica Food App Download

My personal thoughts on Pica Food: My daughters both listened to the story, and my older daughter read it for herself. They both really enjoyed the story and the games, and they loved interacting with the story as it progressed. My youngest daughter’s favorite part of the app was probably the diploma, because it provides just one more reason for her to snap a selfie ;), and like most children it makes her feel like she accomplished something.


As a parent, I find Pica Food to be an app that I can trust. The story was great, the activities kept the girls entertained while I finished up my work, and the parental advice is very useful (especially in the Pica Sharing app). I will be purchasing more of these books as they become available.

Pica Food App

If you would like to download the Pica Food App you can get it on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

The price is $2.99

Pica Food App Basics:

If only chocolate, gummy bears, and other candy were good for you… but they aren’t. Discover how Sam’s dad’s broken-down car encourages Sam to eat healthily! *

Pica Food is one of Pica Book’s INTERACTIVE ANIMATED EDUCATIONAL books and games for your kid and a 10-minute expert advice video for you parents!

Read, listen and play with your kid!
Learn together how you can encourage your child to transform an unhealthy menu into a healthy one, and receive a personalized diploma for your kid saying he is all grown up, and knows how to eat right to stay healthy and strong. You can share the diploma with your family and friends!

Play the “Pica Fun” games and watch a 10-minute video in which our expert adviser explains how to encourage your child to eat healthily, what you can do when your child isn’t interested in being healthy and constantly asks for candy, what you can do with a child who always seems hungry, how to deal with a picky eater who won’t try anything new, how to prevent the food issue from becoming a power struggle, and much more!

Pica Sharing Free App

Want to try a FREE app before you buy Pica Food? If so, be sure to check out Pica Sharing.

This can also be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon

* This post was written as a part of a sponsored campaign, all opinions are my own.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.