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How to Paint Glass with Chalk Paint

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This past weekend I learned How to Paint Glass with Chalk Paint, and thought I would share this adventure with you. Saturday morning, I was looking at Social Sanford to find out what was happening around Sanford, NC when I saw the following entry:

Chalky & Co Open House at C3 Studio, 140 N. Steele Street, Ste 10, Sanford NC
What: Learn more about Chalky & Company and paint some Paint-It-Chalky Kits. There will also be a glass painting demo. Kits will be available for purchase.

The open house sounded like fun, so I decided to go. I had been thinking about learning to paint glass, and decided that this was too good to miss. Of course, I did a little research to see where I was going, and it turns out that Julia and Dawn are independent consultants for Chalky & Co., and that the company is less than a year old!

I was welcomed in by Julia and Dawn and was able to watch some of the other guests that had signed up for a workshop making signs for their families. Julia and Dawn offered to teach me how to paint on glass and gave me a quart jar and some paint that already had chalk in it.

I learned that chalk paint dries quickly and should be used in light coats, allowing time for each coat to dry between applications. Don’t worry about coverage on the first coats.

How To Paint A Jar With Chalk Paint:

Chalk paint jar

Step 1: Paint about four light coats on your jar. You can dab on the paint or use long light strokes. With each coat, you will get better coverage. Just be sure to only paint light coats and don’t run over the area you painted again until it is dry.

Chalk Paint Glass

As you can see, the coverage is getting better with each coat.

Step 2: After four coats, (if you are satisfied with the coverage) use some sand paper to distress the paint job.

Glass Chalk Paint

Step 3: You may have some light spots after sanding. Dab a little paint over these to cover them up.

Step 4: Decorate the top of the jar with some ribbon or twine.

Paint Jar

Step 5: Add an embellishment or two. Use something you already have in your stash to save money. (Shasta, do you remember the light these were on?)

Paint Chalk Jar

Step 6: Finally, glue on a couple of flowers to finish up.

Glass DIY Paint

There it is! Now that you know how to paint glass with chalk paint, you can get started too! Happy crafting! By the way, I am going to keep looking for fun things to do around my town, so hopefully I will have more ideas to share with you.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.