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Why Packed Lunches Could Help Your Kids Stay Healthier

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As a concerned and committed parent, the health of your children is probably one of your top priorities. From making sure your youngsters get their booster shots to diligently taking them for their annual school physicals, there are likely many things you do throughout the year to promote good health in your children. Packing their lunches something you can do each day to accomplish the same goal.

Packed Lunches Are Parent Approved

All the effort you put forth to encourage your kids to eat healthily could quickly prove useless if they start eating junk food whenever they get to school and don’t stop snacking on it until the final class bell rings. It’s not possible to completely prevent kids from eating unhealthy foods when they’re out of your sight, but by packing their lunches with things you’d like them to eat, you’re taking part in an action that makes it more likely your kids will eat the healthy items for their main at-school meal.

You Can Put Portion Control Into Practice

Many parents try to teach their kids about portion control by consistently practicing it at home, so they have good examples to follow. If you’ve done the same, perhaps you’ve cautioned your youngster it’s not appropriate to chow down on an entire pizza, but said eating a couple of slices is okay.

By purchasing some of the many types of reusable food and drink containers, and sending your child to school with them, it’s simple only to provide the amount of food they should be eating. That’s an important step to take if your pediatrician is concerned that your child is under or overweight for their age.

Help Kids Avoid Expensive and Unhealthy Snacks

Some schools have vending machines that sell familiar brands of snacks and soda. Even if you’ve given the go ahead for your child to eat one of those items daily at school, you could still encourage them to choose a better option by packing favorite snacks into their lunch bags.

Maybe your daughter loves apple slices with peanut butter, and your son is a huge fan of fruit snacks. Regardless of specifics, help kids decide to eat snacks they brought from home rather than getting lured by vending machines. The food inside is likely very high in calories, and choices are probably more expensive than what you’d pay to get the same items in a grocery store.

Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

You may not realize it initially, but your kid’s lunch boxes might help them feel better about themselves. There are many styles to choose from, so whether your child wants one with a kitten design or a brightly colored tote, there are those options and more. Also, if you buy your child several bags, they’ll never be without a lunch container even if one or more needs cleaning.

These are just some of the major reasons why packing your child’s lunches rather than giving them money for meals in the school cafeteria is an actionable strategy you can take to promote good health. Consider taking them shopping for a cool bag soon.


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Sharing is caring!

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