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My Life In Cars: Cars From The 80’s & 90’s

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My Life In Cars: Sit Back & Enjoy The Ride!

I have enjoyed my fair share of journeys and adventures in many types of cars. Cars with no heat, cars with broken seat belts, and cars that guzzled that 98 cent gas like it was going out of style. I have so many car memories, and sometimes I miss seeing these cars on the road. These are just a few of the cars I’ve loved and hated from the 80’s & 90’s.

Maybe you will remember them too!

Chevrolet Chevette Memories

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Chevrolet Chevette

This car was the bane of my existence. When my mom would pull up to the ball park I would literally slouch down in the seat so no one would see me. Looking back, I don’t even remember why I hated this car, I just knew as a kid that the Chevette was NOT cool! Since this was our only car, I suffered for years from the humiliation being seen in this car brought me. I traveled from NC to MN in July, and this car had no AC, not that I really knew what it meant to have air conditioning, but I knew it was miserable. I think the only thing that made the ride bearable was memorizing the lyrics to every song on the Hi Infidelity cassette from REO Speedwagon and the occasional Mr. Blue Sky from ELO. Yeah, it was that kind of trip! 😉 Eventually my parents got rid of this death trap, and replaced it with the next car on the list.

Chevrolet Corsica Memories


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Chevrolet Corsica

That’s right, the good ole Chevy Corisca. This car was a huge upgrade, but unfortunately it didn’t last long and my memory of the Corisca was forever tainted by my first traffic accident as a child. I will never forget sitting in the back seat with the lap belt adjusted to make it as large as possible. The whole seat belt thing was still a fairly new idea, how was I supposed to know that wearing the belt so loosely would provide no protection when the Caddy pulled out in front of my mom? Other than giving me a phobia that lead to screaming fits when the speedometer went above 25, the thing I remember the most about this accident was not getting to eat the pizza we had just picked up (we were broke, so Santino’s Pizza was a huge deal). The end result of my extended lap belt adventure was my two front teeth being knocked to the back of my mouth, so it may or may not have taught me a lesson in seat belt safety.


Chevrolet El Camino

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Chevrolet El Camino

The car truck, what more can you say? My dad’s aunt and uncle owned this car and I thought it was amazing! I spent hundreds of hours in the back of this thing eating ice cream, dancing, and enjoying life. I can’t remember riding in it once, but I do remember that it was LOUD! I had forgotten all about this car until I saw one again a few years ago. They don’t make them anymore, but the people who still have them seem to love ’em.



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Chevrolet Lumina

I will never forget driving for the first time. The fear in my heart, the smoke in the mirror, and the smell of something melting… wait what the heck? My parents had both of the cars pictured above. They owned a blue and white Chevy Luminas, and I was about 14 when my dad asked me if I could help him drive one of them home. One of the cars had been left at my school (I can’t remember why) and my dad needed to get them both home. He let me drive a few practice rounds in the parking lot, but I had never driven before, and I was terrified. Things were going smoothly on my seven mile trip home, until I saw my dad turn his blinker on and turn into the Ole Mill. I followed behind him and when I got out I could see what he was looking at. The entire trip about 4 miles to where we stopped, I had kept one foot on the gas, and one on the break, which resulted in melted hubcaps! Needless to say, my dad never asked me to drive again and it’s something he we still laugh about to this very day.

1982 Oldsmobile Station Wagon


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Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Oh boy, if the Chevette wasn’t bad enough… I started dating John (my husband) when I was 16, and this is what he drove. Even though I hated this thing, and it was horrible on gas, I did make some fun memories in this car as well. This vehicle was the one I learned to drive in. If you lived on Sloops Court in the late 90’s you may remember waking up one day to find the stop sign had been run over and your mail box was broken into a hundred pieces. That was me, and I am so sorry. I was just learning to drive and also trying to change the radio station, when a stop sign and mail box came out of nowhere. It went straight through them, and never looked back. Then there was the night I suggested we play charades while driving. John wasn’t really that into it at first but as the game when on and I kept making jokes about his dog, I guess I finally had his attention because as we pulled into the parking lot of the pool hall he hit a huge rock. Yeah, we never let him live that down, and for some reason he still blames me.


Dodge Dart


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The Explosive Dodge Dart

I use that headline for a reason…. a very very bad reason. This car belonged to my husband’s then step dad, and it was in the back yard because I guess he had been fixing it up. As the story goes, I decided to be a very helpful teenager and start a fire in the back yard to burn up all the leaves that had fallen. My soon-to-be mother in law and I got to talking and then she went inside. Feeling lonely I decided to follow her. As we talked inside everything seemed to be fine until we heard a huge BOOM! Yep, I left the fire and it spread to the car, which then exploded. This however wasn’t the first time I caused the fire department to come to her house. A few months before I set the oven on fire when I decided to fill a baking sheet with hash browns and oil and then proceeded to take a shower while it cooked. When I came out of the shower the house was full of smoke. Thankfully nothing was damaged, well except maybe my ego. My family then decided to let these events define me, and always made sure to remind me of how dangerous I was around fire. When I graduated my mom gave me a mini fire extinguisher magnet as a gift. Thanks mom!

I have a few more recent stories like backing into a mailbox, running into someone’s hitch at a stop light and side swiping a car in my own driveway, but I assure you I am a pretty good driver. Really, I am! 😉

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Thursday 12th of February 2015

There is something special about all those old cars... they had a soul which new models really lack


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

oh my goodness. Seeing that Corsica brought me back to when they were giving one away back in the late 80's! I remember it was either from McDonalds Monopoly or the license plate game when we had Gulf gas in Canada! I don't drive. I'm not good BUT if we ever when the lottery I'm going to learn again and go down to the Jackson auctions and get me a beautiful muscle car!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.