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Mommy Makeover: Why I chose plastic surgery

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Mommy makeover? Are you crazy? Aren’t you a Christian? Why would you do this to your body? Don’t you love yourself just the way you are?

July 2020 Update: Please read Do I have Breast Implant Illness? before getting implants!

Plastic surgery for a Christian woman?

I get it.

You don’t understand why I would do this to myself. I’ve been getting plenty of backlash about my choice, so I’m going to share my reasons with you.

You may know me in real life, and you probably think I am skinny enough or don’t need to have surgery because I am perfect just the way I am, and while I appreciate that you love me regardless, I still want to do this. Sadly, your admiration for my body’s current state isn’t transferable to me.

Honestly speaking, I have never appreciated my body. My weight has gone up and down for as long as I can remember.

When I was 19, I got married, and by 20, I had given birth to my first child. My pregnancy went well, but I gained an unhealthy amount of weight.

I believed the biggest pregnancy lie ever.

You know, the one where people tell you to enjoy yourself and eat what you want because you’re eating for two well, guess what, the other person you’re eating for is the size of an almond, to begin with, so they don’t require an entire pizza. It was fun being a glutton while it lasted.

Mommy Makeover after a divorce:

After four pregnancies and pretty dramatic weight loss, I had extra skin that bothered me. It never caused enough concern to warrant removal until I got divorced.

When you are married to the father of your children, you can explain away the stretchy skin and saggy limp boobs. They witnessed the transformation first hand.

When you get divorced. The new guys looking at your bod aren’t partly responsible for the shape it’s in.

For the first time in over ten years, I had something to prove. I had to restore the “stable” version of myself. At least, that’s what I thought in 2014. Read my words below.

“I am so excited about my upcoming surgery and can’t wait to get into a bikini again. I want my body back. When I look in the mirror, the body I see doesn’t belong to me. I have a hard time even looking at my stomach because it isn’t mine. It’s like living in the body of a stranger, and I hate it.”

This was my stomach at the time:

Mommy Makeover Six Years Later


Here I sit in 2020 editing and re-reading my words and I die a little inside. I ended up remarried to the father of my kids so there’s that.

Loving my body has also become a full-time job around here. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to get over it. Those guys didn’t end up mattering, and if they had been worth my time, they wouldn’t have cared about my body anyway.

Now I’m sharing my experience with breast implant illness and it sucks.

I can’t say I hate the tummy tuck, but I just replaced saggy skin with a large scar, so did I accomplish anything?

I had my first surgery on September 12th, 2014, and I will undo that boob job on September 21st, 2020. Guess you can say I’ve come full circle.

Follow along to learn more about my future surgical experiences.

If you have questions about getting a mommy makeover, please reach out. I’d love to answer your questions. Also, learn about BII here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.