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The Miserable Christian

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The Miserable Christian is a series I would like to see through to completion on this blog because I think it is a much needed study. This series will be chock-full of personal experiences because I used to be a pretty miserable Christian. I hope this series will be a blessing to you, and a much needed reminder to me, of where our joy comes from. I don’t generally like to do series blog posts because that is a commitment, and my personality is one that jumps from thing to thing, place to place, basically I’m like a Jack Russell Terrier and I do believe I have a classic case of A.D.D., but I am ok with that, and am challenging myself to overcome this very annoying (to others) personality trait.

As I think about my own life and the Christians I have known throughout the years, I can’t help but think about “The Miserable Christian”. Sure they (I) have good days, even good weeks, but eventually reality sets in and the high we were living on is gone, and we’re left questioning why the Christian life has to be so hard, why life in general has to be so hard, and why we are even here in the first place, if everything has to be so darn hard.

I already have you depressed, don’t I?

No seriously though, I think being “The Miserable Christian” is something that really needs to be addressed because life is too short, and the joy of Christ is too amazing to live life as though we are waiting for it to be over.

Now just a side note: I would no longer classify myself as “The Miserable Christian” because I have learned so many truths over the past year that have changed everything about my faith, but I remember when I first became a Christian my dad said “Shasta, you are the saddest Christian I have ever met!”, and as I can see now, living under the law does indeed make you sad, because it’s a hopeless place, but we will get to that.

Anyway, my goal for this series is to address the things we deal with in life that lead to us being some of the most miserable people in the world, as well as shining a light on the truths we need to remember when we are feeling down, anxious, ungrateful, and just plain blah.

I hope you will join me, and I will link up each post here so you can read them all, or read the ones that most apply to you. Below is a basic outline of what I hope to post about (maybe not in this order), Lord willing.

The Miserable Christian { Thanklessness }

The Miserable Christian { Selfishness }








Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.