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You May Have Been “Mom Bloggin” For Six Years Or More If…

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So a few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with Blondie from Good Golly Miss Blondie about the first time I ever saw her (don’t worry, I’ll share the details below) and it got me thinking about the way blogging used to be, before the flood gates opened, and the internet became comprised of a bazillion mom bloggin women.

So, you may have been “Mom Bloggin” for six years or more if you remember when:


Blogger was the top blogging platform, and it didn’t  matter if you had a .blogspot behind your name, brands would still work with you.


Mom TV was open to any mom with a web cam. They had shows all the time, and they were fun! It was like a webcam show, where the women kept their clothes on! And that is how I met Blondie 🙂


The Ultimate Blog Party Hosted by Five Minutes for Mom was like the most funnest party on the entire interwebs!


Momdot looked like this!


When BlogHer was pretty much the only conference bloggers cared about. Oh, and when swag didn’t consist of washer, vacuums, and TV’s!


You read and loved My Charming Kids.


Bloggers didn’t hold back, and often didn’t act professionally when dealing with feuds between blogs. I think it’s gotten better, but maybe that’s just me. I haven’t heard of many bloggers getting sued, death threats, or anything like what used to go down, but I’m not really that involved so maybe I’ve missed it.

– You didn’t have to disclose that you were working with a company.

– The majority of your “pay” was in product for reviews.

– You hosted other bloggers “blog buttons” in your sidebar.

– Working with a brand like Step2 was a HUGE deal!

If you’ve been blogging for six years or more what do you remember? What do you miss?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.