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How To Make Your Own Stocking

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I love Christmas crafts, and I will try just about anything. Today I am sharing how to make your own stocking, and guess what… It’s a no-sew tutorial!

After reading a few plaid-themed Christmas decor articles this year, I was inspired!

I immediately went out and purchased Christmas plaid and set to work.

While the tutorial I will share today is a no-sew version, I can tell you that I actually did end up sewing mine.

When I returned home, I found that my glue gun had bit the dust, so I had to make due.

I cut and sewed a rectangular piece of the plaid cloth and then tacked it onto the red and white stocking I had purchased last year at the after-Christmas sale.

Once I had the piece tacked on, I sewed on a short piece of ribbon for a bow.

I then cut out the ornament and name with my cricket.

Using my ribbon, I attached it to the cloth I could tie to my ornament.


Brand new look for a traditional red and white stocking. I was so excited that I made 13 more for my growing family.

I was able to do all of this earlier today to give you an idea of how easy this is.

Also, you can use any color and combination you choose to update your stocking collection!

Need baby stocking stuffers? We’ve got you covered!

How To Make Personalized Stockings:

Supplies You Need To Customize Your Stocking:

Red Stockings (or stocking color of your choice). If you’re not making your own, you can get them super cheap through Amazon.
Christmas plaid fabric (1/4 yard per stocking) Don’t feel like you have to go red and green here. Get creative!
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Measuring Tape
Fabric Scissors
Ribbon (20″)
Small Bells or other Christmas theme decor

How To Make Your Christmas Stockings:

Step 1: Start by measuring the height and circumference of your stocking cuff. When you cut your plaid fabric, you’ll want to add 4 inches to the height and 1 inch to the width so the fabric will be large enough to cover the cuff and be attached. Cut your fabric.

Step 2: Place your stocking on a craft table with the toe of the stocking facing to the right. Place your cut fabric over the stocking cuff aligning the bottoms. You will want your cloth to be right side up because we won’t be flipping the cuff.

Step 3: Pin your fabric to the cuff in the middle of the cuff, so it stays secure.

Step 4: Use your glue gun to secure the top of the fabric to the cuff. Your fabric should go over the top of the stocking (so don’t worry about that).

Step 5: For the bottom of the cuff you’re going to fold the fabric under, so it’s a creased seam and glue the bottom of the cuff and the plaid fabric together. . Make a thin line of glue along top edge of cuff.

Step 6: Now you can remove your pins and cut any extra fabric from the top of the stocking (or fold in and glue).

Step 7: Adorn your stocking with Bells or other Christmas decor as you see fit. Remember, your customizing your own stocking, so the sky is the limit on this one!

If you liked learning how to create your own Christmas card be sure to check out our other tutorials using the links below!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.