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Luchiano Visconti Men’s Fashion

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My husband had the opportunity this past week to sample a shirt from the Italian clothing line, Luchiano Visconti. He was excited because he has such a hard time finding  button-up shirts that both fit him, and look fashionable. Thankfully Luchiano Visconti places huge emphasis on top quality, fine styling, and affordable pricing. More importantly, the shirt fit!

I chose the shirt that I thought would look best on him, and I love the colors. This shirt looks awesome with dark jeans, and this is my husband’s style profile, so I made a  great choice.

These shirts are great for both church and every day wear, and after a few washes they seem to hold up really well. If you like the brand and would like some really amazing deals, check out Dillards clearance section!


What you need to know:

 Luchiano Visconti uses the finest imported materials and combines different prints together to produce contrast details on the collars, cuffs, and placket for a cohesive fashion statement.

This Italian inspired menswear is filled with jackets, pants, sweaters, scarves, vest, polos, and shirts. Luchiano Visconti has a predicated vision on what the modern man wants in their lives today. It is about discovering and creating fresh new individual style.

“We use the best materials from around the world,” says Founder, Sheba Hourizadeh. “We are dedicated to bringing you the forgotten skills of the past and leading edge technology to create the perfect fit.”




Where to purchase: Dillards
Price: $99 – $125
Learn More:Facebook & Twitter 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.