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Letting them Leave the Nest – Part 2

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I spent 18 years raising my firstborn (my daughter) to be a strong, independent, capable, and self-supporting woman. Imagine my surprise when she wanted to leave my home and get started on her life! I was scared for her to go out on her own and worried that I had not done a good enough job teaching her everything she needed to know. It amazes me now to see just how much she has grown and matured over the last ten years.

Now, she is teaching me things! I found it strange to realize that she was giving me advice. I had been giving her advice for so long that the first time she tried to give me some, I was a little hurt. Of course, after I thought about what she had said, I realized she was right and that her advice was sound.

Each time she offers advice, I listen. It is amazing to me that she can listen to my situation and is mature enough to separate her feelings from the problem so that she can see it more clearly than I can. I am a very fortunate parent, as I now have a child who is a wonderful Daughter, Mother, Wife, and Sister and inheriting a wonderful Son-In-Law and four perfect grandchildren.

She is lucky enough to have a husband who brings out the best in her and she in him. I am thrilled she decided to take that first big step ten years ago, even though I was less than excited at the time.

Within 17 months, I had my second child, a son. I worked hard to raise him to grow up to be a strong, independent, capable, self-supporting, and caring man. In all honesty, I didn’t struggle as much with his choice to get out on his own as I did with his sister.

Luckily for him, she had paved the way. I was more flexible by the time he was ready to embark on his grown-up adventure. It also worked out in his favor that he was only moving three hours away and would have plenty of my husband’s family around for moral support.

I think it also played in his favor that I still had one child “in the nest” when he was ready to depart. He did very well, getting a great job as a Surveyor and an apartment of his own. Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, he met a lovely young lady that it is now my pleasure to call my Daughter-In-Law.

I was also lucky enough to inherit two more perfect grandchildren. All in all, I guess what I am trying to say is this, even though it is difficult to let them go, our children need to be able to spread their wings and see what they can accomplish on their own. The bigger my family gets, the happier we are. The old saying is true. You know the one, the more, the merrier.

– Sherri Spivey

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.