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DIY Kids Chore Chart: Getting Kids More Involved

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As a mom of four, it is a top priority around my home to teach my children the importance of helping with chores around the house. I want them to understand that as members of this family, they have responsibilities just like everyone else, and I also want to train them to take care of their own homes (yes, even the boys). My children will all tell you that they have been learning to clean since they could walk. They started with simple tasks like putting toys away and putting laundry in the hamper to more complex tasks like loading the dishwasher and hardwood floor cleaning.

After years of teaching both cleaning techniques and safety, I feel like I am finally to a place where all of my children can help clean, and that’s why I decided to make things a little more fun with this DIY Kids Chore Chart. Thankfully, my kids are exactly like me in some ways, and one of those ways is list-making and task completion. They love being able to see what their chores are for the day, and more than that, they love to move their chore magnets from To Do to Done, just like me!

If you are looking for a way to get your kids excited about cleaning, hopefully, this kid’s chore chart will be helpful to you as well.


– Cookie Sheets
– Paint
– Paintbrush
– Ribbon (to hang the kid’s chore charts)
– Magnets
– 1-inch circle punch
– Cardstock
– Hot glue gun
– Clear decorative pebbles (optional to use over cardstock)
– Alphabet Stickers

How To Make A DIY Kids Chore Chart:

Step 1: Paint your cookie sheets. I chose to use the paint we already had, but you could let the kids decide to make it a little more fun! Make sure your paint is completely dry before adding stickers.

Step 2: While your paint is drying, you can start making your magnets. First, you will need to punch out card stock circles for each chore you plan to add to the chart.

Step 3: Write a chore on each circle, and attach a magnet using hot glue to the back of the card stock.

Step 4: If you choose to use decorative pebbles on the magnets, you can hot glue those to the cardstock. I couldn’t find any at Walmart, so I took some of my magnets apart and used those.

Step 5: Once your paint is dry, you can attach a ribbon to the back of the cookie sheet using hot glue.

Step 6: Use your alphabet stickers to put your child’s name on the cookie sheet. Then ad To Do and Done to the cookie sheet as well. (or your choice of wording)

See, I told you it was easy! Now, if only getting kids to clean was just as easy!

Here are a few tips I have used to help my kids get excited about cleaning:

– Give children jobs they are comfortable with and that are age-appropriate.
Don’t make cleaning a punishment; it will never be fun when kids associate cleaning with punishment.
– Verbally reward children for doing a good job. My daughter will tell you that she is the queen of bathroom and kitchen cleaning, which she is, and I make sure she knows it!
– Purchase safe cleaning supplies and cleaning tools that your kids can use easily.

I cannot stress that last tip enough. My kids love cleaning with tools that they think are “cool.” Instead of making the kids use a traditional mop, I purchased a spray mop that is easy to use and doesn’t give us a new mess to clean up. With our new O-Cedar ProMist microfiber mop, the kids don’t have to make a bucket of water, wring a mop, or clean up spills. This makes all of us happy. It also makes hardwood floor cleaning easier for me because it’s quick and easy to use, and the pad is washable! Even moms like “cool” cleaning tools!

You can learn more about the O-Cedar Promise Mop on Twitter and Facebook!

 How do you get your children excited about cleaning? 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.