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Holiday Gift Idea For Men: Portable Speaker

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JBL Charge 2 Portable Speakers

My husband loves music, and I love my husband, so this year I wanted to give him a gift that I knew he would love (and one that he actually needed). That’s why I was super excited to partner with JBL Charge 2 Speakers #GiftingAudio campaign. My husband bought a work truck this summer and it didn’t have a stereo in it, I knew that this wireless speaker would be perfect because he could stream all of his favorite music from his phone via Bluetooth. Not only that, but the the JBL Charge 2 Speakers will stop playing music when I call him, and he can use the speakerphone to talk with me, which makes it a hands-free conversation! The safer my husband is on the road the better!

Holiday-Gift-Idea-For-Men-JBL Charge 2 Portable Speakers

JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Speakers

Since I decided to gift my husband with this speaker, I decided to get him a few other “auto” and “audio” themed gifts! My husband is in the landscaping business, so his truck can get pretty dirty. What gift could be more perfect than an auto cleaning kit complete with a bucket?! To make his audio gift a little more “personalized” I purchased some additional music for his phone, and made him a playlist of songs that make me think of him. I really hope that he loves this gift as much as I do, because I would love getting a playlist for Christmas full of songs that make him think of me!

JBL Charge 2 Portable Speakers Playlist


I tested out the speaker before I wrapped it because I wanted to make sure the sound quality was excellent, and I also wanted to check the volume. My husband’s truck is ridiculously loud and I wanted to be sure his music experience would be similar to that of a stereo. I was very impressed by both the quality and the volume level. Of course I had to test it in his truck so I could be sure, and it sounds great. Aside from being able to use it in his truck, I think the JBL Charge 2 Speakers will work better for him than a stereo because he can use it while he’s working out in the yards he works on, basically he can take it anywhere!


JBL Charge 2 Portable Speakers For Men

If you are considering giving audio gifts this year make sure you check out the JBL Holiday Gift Guide for ideas. You can shop online through JBL’s website and they offer FREE shipping, 30 day returns, and lifetime support (which is so important when dealing with audio equipment or any electronics).

If you want to hear them for yourself, check out this video I made:

Now, lets get to the part you’ve been waiting for! The GIVEAWAY! You can enter to win 1 of 15 Flip2 Wireless Speakers or 1 of 15 Charge2 Wireless Speakers (30 potential prizes in all)! #GiftingAudio Sweepstakes

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.