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Hear What You’ve Been Missing

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I am very excited to talk to you about my journey through Hear What You’ve Been Missing. I have to admit; my daughter has been after me for some time to get my hearing checked. She was so adamant about it that I started to wonder what I was missing by not being able to hear everything like I should. For instance, I had already begun hesitating before joining a group conversation because I wasn’t sure I was hearing everything and didn’t want to say something that wasn’t relevant to the discussion. I think this started because I had previously found myself in the position when people would ask why I made a comment or what I meant when later I would learn that what I said was not even on topic because I didn’t hear everything. Even though I knew I was having trouble, I was hesitant to get my hearing tested. After all, I am barely over fifty years old. However, after a visit to the Miracle-Ear website, I have to admit; I am a little curious about the process. The first thing I did was take the hearing quiz.Since I answered yes to 8 of 10 questions, I decided to schedule a free hearing test.

When I called to schedule the test I was greeted warmly by their representative who after just a few questions had me all set up for my free hearing evaluation. She told me that my evaluation would include a comprehensive lifestyle assessment, astate-of-the-art video ear exam and a test in a soundproof room that would measure my response to sounds and spoken words. All of that will be followed up with a personal consultation where I will find out what my results are. I am surprised to admit that I am looking forward to the appointment and finding out what my hearing issues are.

Hear What You've Been Missing

I arrived for my appointment a few minutes early and was given a short questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire had a few sections. The first section was my personal information. The next section was medical questions regarding my personal medical history. That was followed by a section of questions about my hearing history. The purpose of those sections is to make sure that you are really in need of a hearing aid and to eliminate possible causes of hearing loss that can be fixed without a hearing aid. The next section contained a hearing needs assessment. That was followed by a section for hearing instrument priorities. All of this information is then used by my hearing aid professional to get familiar with my hearing issues, lifestyle desires, and hearing preferences.

Missing Hear What You've Been

After going through the paperwork, I watched the monitor during my video ear exam. It was fascinating being able to seeinside my ear. Since everything looked good in my ears, we headed for the soundproof booth. I sat in the booth and listened for different pitched sounds and signaled the hearing aid professional each time I was able to hear the tones.

Been Missing Hear What

Then we headed back to his office to do the consultation. My consultation and all of the time I spent with my hearing aid specialist was very informative. I learned so much about my hearing and why I am having issues. I participated in some more hearing tests, word tests, etc. I discovered that the reason I usually felt like people were mumbling when speaking to me is that I have trouble hearing the high pitches, in other words, I understand the vowels fine, but struggle to hear the consonants.

It ‘s hard for the brain to interpret the sounds into words when I can’t hear everything. I also learned that there are several different levels of hearing aids, and you can choose one based on how much you feel you need to enhance your quality of life. In other words, you can get hearing aids that just amplify or smart hearing aids that adjust themselves according to your environment and hearing needs.

Then I was able to try out a pair of hearing aids. Wow, I’m telling you. I had no idea how much I was missing before the hearing aids! He handed me a set of hearing aids, pre-programmed to my needs to try out for a few days. I was amazed. I had no idea that I would be able to take the hearing aids for a “test drive” before making a commitment purchase them.

You've Been Missing Hear What

So, as I sit here typing this post, I am trying out these hearing aids to see if they improve my quality of life enough that I decide to purchase them. You just can’t beat a deal like that. Oh, by the way, so that you understand, hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending on the severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation, proper fit, and ability to adapt to amplification. I can’t even begin to list here all of the little sounds that I have heard since I put these hearing aids in yesterday.

Hear What Youv'e Been Missing aid

So small I barely know it’s there. Except for the improved hearing, of course!

From the sound of rain drops hitting my car and roof, to the clicking of my turn signal. As a matter of fact, I used to think I was a pretty quiet person, but now I hear the sounds of digging in the drawers, zippers zipping, and the rustling of cloth and bags. I told my husband last night that I had no idea I was making so much noise every day. So, go ahead and schedule your free hearing test, you may be surprised to hear what you’ve been missing.




Sharing is caring!

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