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A Godly Husband Who Can Find?

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Husband and wife

Okay, so clearly I stole the title of this post from Proverbs 31:10 and tweaked it for the purpose of this post. I really don’t have an introduction to this post other than to say that God laid this on my heart and I wrote it out. I pray that it is a blessing to all who read it because truthfully I’m unsure of it’s purpose.

As little girls we have an innate desire and longing for our prince. We daydream about our wedding day and what it will be like to ride off into the sunset with one who loves us and would do anything for us.

Then, as we grow older (and the desire still burns deep) we start to build a wall around our hearts because the world tells us that our prince isn’t coming. We begin to learn that if we want to get by in this life we have to take care of ourselves, look out for our own interests, and build ourselves up to become strong and independent women who need no one. Through our relationships we experience pain, pride, jealously, strife, anger, malice, rage, and sins of all kinds. We are used by many and tossed aside as though we are nothing. And though we can’t seem to get rid of the sliver of desire that still burns behind that mighty wall, we admit defeat and tell ourselves that what we’ve always longed for, will never be. We acknowledge that our hopes were for a “fairy tale” that is probably the result of one too many princess movies, and we finally accept that dreams really don’t come true.

Then in the pit of our despair, at our darkest moment, we meet Him. The Great Counselor, The Rock, The Lamb, The Redeemer, The Prince of Peace, Our Mighty God! Our eyes our opened and we can see that He is everything we have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming for. The very thing we have yearned for all of our days, was placed in our hearts not by script writers of a princess fairy tale, but by the One who knit us together in our mother’s womb. He placed in us a desire for a best friend  with whom we could share every detail of our lives, every desire of our heart, and every fear that takes us captive. He is the one we have waited for, who will lead us down the narrow path, who knows every beat of our heart, every hair on our head, every word we’ve yet to speak. We are truly known, and our hearts soar at just the thought of this truth, and so we fall in love. We can never love Him the way he loves us, and we don’t deserve this unending love, which makes it all the more the truest of love stories.

Though this love is more than enough some of us will experience another gift from our Love….

We will meet a man. A man being much different from the prince our heart has longed for, but still a gift of a man. This man will point us to our Savior because he knows that he (the gift, the shadow) is not enough for us. While he will never be all we need (because again, he’s merely a man) he’s so much more than an ordinary man. He is a man of God.

This man will lead you, because he’s strong and courageous. He drinks from the Living Water, and he does his best to make sure you do as well. He will guard your heart and protect you; he will help you focus your eyes on Jesus. He will fear God and speak truth in love. He will be dressed as a knight, wearing the full armor of God. This man will be clothed with the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, his protection will be the Shield of Faith, and his weapon the Sword of the Spirit. His head is protected by the Helmet of Salvation, and his feet go forth prepared by the Gospel of Peace. He will withstand the evil day and stand firm protecting you and his family.

Yet with all that God has blessed him with he will remain humble, acknowledging that he is just a man. He will seek first the Kingdom, looking to bring glory to his Kings name. He will share his eternal hope with you and remind you that today is temporary, and that you are both living for a greater day, a greater time, a greater reward.

He will fail you, he will hurt you, and he will need your forgiveness. Even so, he will be a constant reminder of how much your Prince cares for you; that he would give you a man to share your journey with.

Blessed is the woman who’s gift is a godly husband. Though troubles will come, together they will trust in the Lord.

Sharing is caring!

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Darla Peduzzi

Friday 2nd of January 2015

So much truth in this message. I too have learned this through time. Great thought provoking post!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.