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Fun Indoor Outdoor Laser Tag Games

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Today I’m sharing fun indoor outdoor laser tag games that your kids will love. Laser tag outdoors is great because you have plenty of room to run around, and there are usually hiding spots everywhere. Indoor laser tag can be just as fun (if not more so) because you can build forts, play in the dark, and quickly escape a dreary day. 

This post is part of a sponsored campaign. All opinions are my own! 

Moving to Kodiak, Alaska, with our family has been both a dream and a curse. The island is gorgeous, but the weather can get pretty ugly. Rainy chilly days that can last weeks can be depressing, especially if you’re a kid that is used to spending your summer outdoors. 

Another perk of living in Alaska is the convenience of vacationing in Hawaii. We went to Ohau as soon as school let out and the weather was a welcome relief from what we had been experiencing in Kodiak. Sadly when we returned home, it was gray and rained every day. It was also about 50 degrees colder than it was in Hawaii. Thankfully we received some fantastic laser tag equipment before the kids went stir crazy. Our family has played more laser tag in the past few weeks than I’ve played my entire life. 

Best Laser Tag Guns For Indoor & Outdoor Play:

Moms, you know you want to get your kids off the screens and on their feet, and this Laser Battle Pack does just that. I couldn’t believe it, but my teen boys were excited to play with me. They wouldn’t dare be pictured in this post, but they enjoy trying to take us down! ArmoGear gives you the authentic arcade experience without the price tag. 

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Blaster Sets are guaranteed to provide hours of fun on a weekly basis for your entire family. When playing outside you can come up with a variety of ways to play. I’m going to share a few of our favorite ways to play outside but be creative, and you can make any game a game with lasers! 

Outdoor Laser Tag Game Suggestions:

Outdoor Laser Tag Game Ideas: 

  • Hide-N-Go Laser Tag One: One player (the seeker) has a laser blaster while everyone else has only their vests. When the seeker finds someone, he blasts them, and when everyone is found the first person to be found is “it.” 
  • Kill The Shark Laser Tag: In this game, everyone has all laser tag gear, and one person is chosen as “it.”  The player that is “it” tags the first player and that player is “out” until another player tags the player that tagged them “killing the shark.” With only one player shooting at a time and everyone trying to kill the shark, this is a fun game that gives younger players a better chance at winning against parents and older siblings! 
  •  Lights Out! Tag: Playing laser tag in the dark can be tons of fun, especially with ArmoGear, because these laser tag sets can be put in invisible mode! To play this game one player is “it” and that player is the only one that keeps their lights on. All of the other players get to go into invisible mode so the tagger can’t see you, but you can see them! When one tagger gets out, the last person to tag them turns their lights on, and it continues until the last person is out. 

Indoor Laser Tag Game Ideas: 

  • Kids vs. Parents: Kids team up and face off against parents. Kids get to cover their vests for 5 seconds each time a parent tries to attack, but the blasters also act as receivers, so the kids have to decide which is more valuable offense or defense! 
  • Fort Play Tag: Build a massive fort or each player builds their own fort and must defend the fort flag. The goal is to capture as many fort flags as possible. The only way a flag can be won is by tagging each fort builder at least once and finding their flag before they tag you. If you get tagged while trying to steal another player’s flag, you must return to your fort and try again. 
  •  Lights Out! Indoor Tag: Playing laser tag in the dark can be tons of fun, especially with ArmoGear, because these laser tag sets can be put in invisible mode! To play this game, all players go into invisible mode and try to find their opponents in the dark. 

What you need to know about ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests:

Vests fit all sizes with adjustable elastic straps. 

Batteries not included, each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries, and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries. (set of 2 totals to 12 AAA batteries)

I hope you and your family enjoy these games as much as we have. If you come up with any new laser tag games, we would love to try them! Leave a comment below, and we will test out your game and let you know how we liked it. 


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.