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Finance Oil – Young Living Oola Infused 7

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By now you have probably heard the buzz around the new Oola Infused 7 from Young Living. Today, I wanted to spend a little time sharing more about each individual oil. The oils do come in a kit, but I think you should know about each oil before purchasing, because I want to make sure you are fully educated on exactly what you are getting from us. You can read the details of Young Living Finance Oil below, but first I wanted to share a little with you about where I’m at.

Finances are something I think pretty much everyone can struggle with from time to time. My husband and I are currently working toward paying off our debt, which is one of the reasons I am excited to try this oil. We have created a budget, and made a plan, but there are still times when we can lose our focus. I plan to use this oil when we are about to head out the door to go shopping! No kidding 🙂 I think it will first stand as a basic reminder that we are working towards a goal, and secondly it will keep us alert and focused on the goal of spending wisely, so we can get out of debt. So that’s my plan for putting this oil to use, and hopefully my finances will benefit. I think it will also serve as a reminder to how much our family truly has. We are so blessed with an abundance of choices in our lives, and we need to remember to give to those who don’t have nearly as much as we do.


Young Living Finance Oil:

This blend has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of abundance. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and alertness.


What’s in the Finance Oil Blend & What Does Each Oil Do?

– Frankincense
Frankincense is ideal for those who wish to take their spiritual journey and meditation experiences to a higher level.

– Ocotea
Ocotea is carefully extracted from Ecuadorian trees, and has powerful properties. It helps aids the body’s natural response to irritation and injury and is also used for purification. 

– Gathering
This blend helps overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life and helps put us on a path to higher achievement.

– Clarity
Clarity has an energizing and uplifting aroma that promotes a clear mind, and alertness.

– Humility
A soothing and calming combination of oils. Humility brings peace to the heart and mind and enables you to find a peaceful place.

– Orange
Orange oil has a rich scent that lifts the spirit and brings peace and happiness to the mind.

– Balsam Fir
Calms and rejuvenates the mind, while uplifting the spirit.

– Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Grown on Young Living farms in Hawaii, Sandalwood is uplifting and relaxing.

– Citronella
Citronella is a popular oil with many applications and has a distinctive scent. 


Now that you know more about this essential oil, what would you use it for? Do you have any financial goals you’re hoping to reach?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.