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How to Ease Arthritis Pain

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Pain Relief Arthritis

Why I Need To Ease Arthritis Pain:

Several years ago, by the end of shift each day, I could hardly walk due to chronic foot pain. I struggled with this for so long, that eventually, I was limping to the point that my hips started to hurt as well. I struggled with the decision to see a physician because I was fearful that I would need surgery and would lose time from work.

It turns out that I did need surgery for bone spurs on both feet. The good news is that I only missed 10 and 14 days from work because of each surgery, and the pain is much more under control now. The bad news is that I ended up with arthritis in the joints of my feet. I still spend many hours on my feet each week, whether working at my job or crafting at home. I seem to prefer to do most tasks standing up. Since May is National Arthritis Month,  I thought that this would be the perfect time to share some tips on easing arthritis pain since more than 53 million Americans are affected by arthritis.

How to Ease Arthritis Pain:

Tip 1: Soaking the affected area in warm water, or taking a lukewarm bath or shower. For my feet, I get much relief from soaking them in hot water. It helps with the joint pain, and just plain feels good.

Relieving Arthritis Pain Soak

Tip 2: Stretching your stiff, achy joints. You may find that stretching seems like it would be hard to do when you are in pain, but I have discovered that doing light stretching for my feet feels good, and my pain level is lower after I stretch. I roll my feet over a tennis ball to stretch the muscles, joints and connective tissues. Tennis balls can also be used to relieve aches in your knees, shoulders and hands. Stretching is recommended for many other forms of arthritis, but you will need to check with your doctor or physical therapist to find out which method will work best for you.

Ease Arthritis Pain Ball

Tip 3: Use an OTC pain reliever such as Advil. I found the Advil liqui-gels with the EZ open cap work for me and you can find them at Walmart in the pain and fever section.

Relieve Arthritis Pain Walmart

Nothing’s proven stronger, than Advil, on Arthritis and other joint pain*.

Easing Arthritis Pain OTC

I prefer the EZ open cap since I have lost some of my hand strength over the years. Ask a doctor before use if you have a history of stomach problems, such as heartburn.

Easy Open Cap

The EZ open cap is perfect for people struggling with arthritis so be sure to look for the EZ open cap when purchasing medications like Advil or even Nexium.

Tip 4: Gentle massage is the best relief ever! Honestly, a gentle foot rub is most definitely the way to my heart! I have learned from experience that getting too aggressive with massage to relieve arthritis pain only leads to more pain.

Relieve Pain Arthritis Massage

In this case, do not follow the motto: no pain, no gain. If your massage is painful, it is most likely not helping you. Gentle massage should give relief to any body part that is suffering from arthritis pain not to mention that it feels wonderful.

Relieve Arthritis Pain Excercise

Tip 5: Excercise may be the hardest tip to follow. When you are in pain, the last thing you want to do is exercise. Remember that if you keep your body in motion, you will be able to stay mobile and have less pain. Some great exercises are walking, swimming, light weight training, biking, yoga, tai chi and pilates. You will find that using the body part that is in pain can be helpful with reducing soreness. If you are struggling with arthritis pain in your hands, there are about seven different hand and finger exercises that you can try as well. As always, see your physician before starting an exercise plan, and pay attention to your body while working the muscles. Don’t overdo it.

There are many tips for dealing with the pain of arthritis including OTC pain relievers. The medicine in Advil is the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain, more than the medicine in Tylenol or Aleve**.

If you or someone you love suffers from arthritis pain and would like access to more information, feel free to apply for The Better Living Toolkit. Do you have a tip for relieving arthritis pain that would help me out? If so, I would love to hear about any tips y0u have for easing arthritis pain.

*For minor arthritis pain. Among OTC pain relievers.
**Based on a survey of monthly doctor recommendations.


Sharing is caring!

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