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Dirty Dishes Are A Hot Topic Around Here

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I have a motto. Always open the oven and make sure it’s empty before you turn it on. There’s a reason for this strange saying. When my children still lived at home, I would come home from work ready to cook supper and find dirty dishes in the oven. I used to make biscuits with almost every dinner, so I used the oven on a very regular basis. After “preheating” my dirty dishes a few times, I started checking the oven before I would turn it on, to make sure it was empty.

At the beginning of this month, I was able to stay at my daughter’s house for five days. One morning, when I was washing up the breakfast dishes, I decided to leave her a gift. I put one dirty plate with eggs and fork still on it in her oven.

Dirty Dishes Don’t Belong In The Oven:

Dirty Dishes Don't Belong In The Oven

Later that day, I remembered that I had put it there, and showed it to her. She laughed and said she couldn’t believe I would do such a thing and left it there to show her husband. She also jokingly asked me what I was trying to teach her children. Well, guess what? Later, I found out that she had forgotten the plate in the oven and turned it on. She burned up the plate! I felt terrible. I couldn’t believe I had caused her to ruin her plate!

Well, she didn’t seem to mind the fact that she had burned up her plate. Apparently, she had already had some misgivings about her dishes before this occurred. In fact, she said she had learned something about the plate when it burned in the oven, and it had convinced her that she probably needed new dishes. I still felt bad but was relieved that she wasn’t angry about my prank.

To close this post, I will leave you with two thoughts. Number one, if you have children, always open the oven door and look inside before you turn it on. There’s no telling what you might find in there. Number two is if your kids are doing things to annoy you, have patience. You will get your turn to return the favor!

Well, now that I think about it, I may freeze some insects or some of my make-up in my son’s freezer next time I visit his apartment. When he asks why I did it, I will tell him I was doing an experiment.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.