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Curly Hair Tips & Tricks For Girls

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The top picture of my daughter Alexis is a perfect representation of how my daughters feel about having their hair brushed! I remember being their age, with that hair, and I hated having my hair brushed too, so I understand how they feel. No one likes to feel like their hair is being pulled out!

Both Lexi and Anna have baby fine hair, that is super curly, and more like a rats nest than a head of hair. Alexis has gotten much better over the years, but Anna will still start crying as soon as she sees the brush.

If brushing and styling your curly-headed cutie’s locks have been a nightmare for you, I have some tips that may help make “hair-time” a little more fun!

Curly Hair Tips: 


~ Use brushes and combs made for curly hair. The best comb we have found is made by Goody and it’s sold at Walmart for a few bucks. It’s the craziest looking comb, but it works great!

~ Don’t towel dry curly hair. This actually increases the frizz. Instead, get as much of the water out of her hair as possible using your hands. Then let it air dry without touching it. Touching and scrunching the hair also causes frizz. If you have to, you can use hair gel or mousse products that reduce frizz.

~ I don’t recommend using a hairdryer even w/a diffuser either because children have fine hair, and any amount of heat can damage it.

~ Comb curly hair when it’s wet. I also try to add some type of leave in conditioner before I do this to it glides through easily but don’t add too much because it can leave hair greasy. We use Suave Kids Detangler for the girls, but I have to hide it or they will use the whole bottle.


~ Don’t wash curly hair daily. Wash it 3-4 times per week (less if she doesn’t get very dirty. Instead, just use water and/or conditioner. Conditioner is a MUST. I personally LOVE the Suave Moroccan Oil line for the girls!

~ Rinse the conditioner out with cool water instead of warm water. This helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizzies.

If Lexi is having a really bad hair day I will either pull it up into a pony or throw on a headband and tell everyone we’re going for the Macy Gray look! ;)

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Do you have any tips that you have found helpful in dealing with curly hair? I would love to hear them!




Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.