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Building Movie Forts For Kids

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Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s discussion on building movie forts for kids. All opinions, kids, forts, animals, basically everything shared in this post is mine 😉

I have always loved playing with my kids. I am the mom who loves to play board games just as much as the kids do. Building forts are fun for me, and I will use any excuse to have a movie night, or a double feature night in my home. Thankfully, my kids still love playing games, they love building forts, and they love watching movies. I am one blessed mama.

When we build a fort, we have to go big. With four kids, a small fort would never do, and since I also have to be in the fort, well, let’s just say our forts are more like mansions, than fox holes! Building a fort for this many people is always a trail and error type deal. We build and rebuild, then try other things. Which is fine because isn’t most of the fun the actual building? Sure sitting in the fort is fun, but we enjoy the building more than anything else!

So the first thing you need to consider when building a movie fort is location. Clearly it needs to be near the television (unless of course you’re watching on a laptop of portable DVD player, then you can build anywhere). So you need a big open space, like this:

Oh, and make sure you put the dog out first…

There, much better.

Once you have your space cleared, you have to choose which big pieces of furniture you will use. We have a sectional, which is great for fort building! You can also use kitchen chairs, the kitchen table, basically whatever you have will work.

I always like to have three sides because it feels more like a “cave”, but you can choose to only have two if you prefer!

My TV is pretty high off the ground, so if I want the kids to have a movie fort, where they can actually see the movie, the sheets have to be pretty high, otherwise they won’t be able to see the screen. For this reason I had to use a piano bench, stools, and chairs to get the sheets high enough.

You’ll notice that I had to turn one section of the couch around, because I noticed that the chairs were more stable if I used the arm of the chair to brace it. So again, be prepared to rearrange multiple times. After all, kids move around a lot in the forts and you don’t want anyone getting injured!

As you can see, I have two secret weapons for fort building, table cover clips, and hair ties! These two tools keep our blankets from falling and are easy to use than tape. If you can secretly attach your blankets, you don’t have to worry about a mid-movie cave-in (which can actually be quite fun, do if it happens, embrace it).

Fitted sheets are great for covering holes in a fort because you can easily wrap them around edges, feet, and corners, and they stay in place, so be sure to use some of those as well!

Using the rest of your blankets, you want to make sure you cover everything from the outside. Cover all of your chairs and anything else that will let light in. The darker the fort, the better! Especially for telling stories!

Once your fort is built, you can start decorating the inside. My kiddos usually just bring in blankets and pillows. And the girls always carve out a spot for me, between the two of them! I am seriously, going to miss these days!

Now, that you have your fort, it’s time to get some tasty snacks to go with your movie. We love Pop Secret popcorn because it tastes great, and is quick to make. Not only that, but you can’t really have a fort movie night without popcorn! Our favorite flavors are Kettlecorn, Caramel, and of course, Movie Theater Butter.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

If you are planning a movie fort movie night, don’t forget to grab your $1 off coupon available on the Pop Secret Facebook page! Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. They might just share a little something back! You can win mystery prizes by sharing your photos!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.