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Breast Implant Pre-Op Appointment: Plastic Surgery

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Breast implant pre-op appointments are essential for anyone undergoing breast augmentation. Today I’m going to share what you can expect when you go to a plastic surgery pre-op appointment.

July 2020 Update: Please read Do I have Breast Implant Illness? before getting implants!

Breast Implant Pre-Op Plastic Surgery Appointment:

A few days ago, I told you about my plastic surgery consultation experience, and today I want to share my pre-op appointment with you.

I live about an hour away from the office, so to help me save time, gas, and the childcare dilemma, I was able to go ahead and have my pre-op appointment on the same day as my consult.

Chances are, you will have two separate appointments, which can be helpful for getting all of your questions answered. After having other experiences like this, I have found that you should always write down questions that come up after your initial consult.

What style and size will you choose?

The pre-op appointment was fun because that was the point when I fully accepted that I am finally getting breast implants. I took my before pictures, got to use the VECTRA, and was given my prescriptions and scar treatment medication (I will blog about the cream to let you know how well it works).

When asked about size, I had no idea what I wanted. It’s hard to imagine what each size will look like on your body. I have a pretty small frame, and I don’t want to look disproportionate. Using images I had saved to my phone I was able to give the doctor an idea of where we should start in terms of sizes.

I loved using the VECTRA imaging. It’s the newest state-of-the-art technology, and Dr. Glenn Davis uses it to help patients like me get a better idea of what our implants will look like on their bodies.

The VECTRA 3D simulation software captured a picture of me from multiple angels and created a model of my body. After that, we were able to play around with a few different sizes and shapes so I could give them a more precise description of the look I was going for.

This is an example of what we were able to do with my image. Note: I find not go with 533cc’s, but I considered it.

Breast Implant Pre-Op Appointment : Imaging to choose implant size.

Lessons I learned the hard way:

2020 Update: I regret my breast augmentation but if you still plan to have surgery even after doing the research, PLEASE choose an honest doctor. Also, looking back I wish I would have chosen natural shaped implants over round. Round implants do not look real. I would have also gone smaller than 330cc because on my frame my C-cup boobs are too big. They actually make me feel fat, especially when the buttons on my dresses can’t keep the fabric together.

If your surgeon warns you that you have thin skin and may experience skin wrinkling, believe them. You will not like the way that looks. Check out the FDA’s list of complications. If your doctor doesn’t bring this up at your appointment ask him/her about these issues.

Let me know if you have any Breast Implant Pre-Op Appointment questions for me. I would be happy to assist you.

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