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Breast Explant Surgery Pre-Op Shopping List {Printable}

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Breast Explant Surgery Pre-Op Shopping List {Printable}

This breast explant surgery pre-op shopping list has been complied based on both my surgery center and the communities I belong to.

– This post contains affiliate links to the products I used.

This list is written for women who are having their breast implants surgically removed via en-bloc. Women having a total capsulectomy or even mastectomy may also find the products on this list helpful.

You’ll notice that I’m also including a liposuction pre-op shopping list because I am having an en-bloc with fat transfer for breast augmentation.

Breast Explant Surgery Pre-Op Shopping List:

Before Surgery:

Open or closed toe compression Socks 15-20mm – I started wearing these to bed before surgery because I have restless leg syndrome and they really help.

Arnica (start 3 days before surgery) – I am certain this helped with my bruising because I normally bruise dark and easily and my bruises disappeared quickly. I’m so thankful Dr. Stanwix put this one on the list.

Bag Packed For Day of Surgery:

Button Up PJ Sets – I purchased four sets from Target and I love them.

Breast Surgery Pillow (for the car)- This is a must-have. I am still using this pillow two weeks later. This pillow has saved me from a few instances of slamming on the breaks (we live in NOVA, need I say more?)

Lozenges– Your throat will be sore for a few days so you’ll want to have these on hand wherever your resting. I just kept some in each room.

Plastic Tablecloth or Shower Curtain– I was told to bring this with me for the car and to use on the chairs/bed for the first few days. It was such a smart idea and prevented everything I touched from being soiled with blood and fluid from the lipo sites.

Clean Mask

When You Get Home:

Wedge Pillow – I already owned this because it makes reading in bed more comfortable. When I first got home I used this with my pillow on top to lift my upper body while I slept. After a few days, I used it to elevate my legs and reduce the swelling in my feet.

Body Pillow– Everyone in the groups swears by this type of pillow. I got a different pillow and didn’t end up using it much. I wish I would have purchased the one they recommended.

Chick-fil-A or Sonic Ice – I drank lots of water in the days following my surgery. This ice is my favorite because it’s easy to chew.

Recliner – I have a recliner but didn’t use it. If you have a medical recliner that would probably be best. Ours was too cushy and kept sitting me upright when I tried sleeping in it.

Long Straws – I used long straws in blender bottles so I never had to lift the bottle.

Heating Pad – A heating pad will be your best friend for the neck, back, and shoulder pain you will experience. I am using mine right now!


Tylenol Extra Strength in Easy Open Bottle

Applesauce & Saltines to eat when you take your pain meds and any antibiotics.

CBD Muscle Salve– Perfect for neck and back pain. You can also try BioFreeze.

Biocorneum Scar Treatment – purchase from your doctor only.

Liposuction Post-Op Shopping List:

Urinal for women – Awkward? Yes! Necessary? I think so. This thing has been a lifesaver and two weeks later I’m still using it. It makes using the restroom so much easier and mess-free.

Additional Compression Garments – This is helpful for washing and air drying your original garment. You can also get different stages based on your recovery.

Maxi Pads & Paper Tape – You’ll use these to cover your incisions. See Day 1 of my post-op journal.

Ice Packs – I totally forgot to use these on the lipo sites.

CBD Muscle Salve– I used this on my abs and legs when they were sore from the lipo. You can also try BioFreeze.

Get your printable shopping list here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.