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Boy’s Bedroom Makeover Skating and Dirt Bikes

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Remember last week when I told you that my kids needed a bedroom makeover? Well, I am super excited to show you what we have done! We decided to go back to white walls to be easier to sell; we also changed the theme altogether. The new theme matches the boy’s personalities and favorite things!

John chose to go with Olympic FastHide paint to cover the orange, and it got the job done! This paint covered well and was very easy to paint with. We have painted many walls for eight years in the military, and this paint is thick enough to cover well without chipping. Nothing is more annoying than painting with too thin paint because it runs constantly and takes a thousand coats to cover the old paint. We also used SHUR-LINE roller covers because it is a brand we have grown to trust over the years. They make quality painting products, and we highly recommend their covers, edgers, and corner painters!

Once we had the walls covered, we had to do some furniture and decor shopping. This was my favorite part!

I knew I wanted bunk beds but wasn’t sure what kind I wanted. We checked out a few places around town but finally decided on a set we found at Sam’s Club. For $499, I couldn’t pass this bed up! After a week of use, I can tell you they are very sturdy and worth every penny! I have to say I was worried about buying furniture from Sam’s because I have heard bad things about furniture from Walmart, but we made a great purchase.

After searching all day for a bedding set, I was ready to give up. I decided to make one last stop at Target, and I was so happy to find this super cute Circo bedding set for boys. It has dirt bikes, iPods, video games, and skateboards on it, so I knew it would be PERFECT! I also loved the colors because everything else I looked at was so dark and dull. This set is reversible (colored stripes), but I doubt they’ll use the other side. I also bought those skateboards at Target for $10, the hamper, and toy bins. 

Once I had my bedding set, choosing decorations should have been simple, but it wasn’t! They found all of the decorations in an unexpected place; the local craft store. Hobby Lobby sells some pretty awesome household decor in addition to all those craft supplies! I can’t wait to start the girls’ rooms because their decorations for girls are ADORABLE!! We went ahead and used the sports decor from their old room because I hated to see it go to waste, it matched, and they still like sports!

To finish up the room and give it that personal touch I had previously mentioned, I decided to buy a four-pack of corkboard from Walmart for $5. Now they can post pictures, drawings, and anything else they want on their boards!

I did run out of money before I got everything I wanted, so I still have a desk and matching dresser on my wishlist! I will let you know what we find!

So what do you think? Do you like the new room? Anything we could add to make it better?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.