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Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project

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If you want to create fantastic works of art for your memory books, the right scrapbooking tools will make all the difference.

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As you know, in this and all things we do, if we have the right tool for the job, we will be successful in our projects, and the final product will be effortless and more rewarding!

Here is a list of the Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project.

Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project:

Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project

These are in no particular order since I have no favorite, and I feel that all of these are essential to your scrapbooking and papercraft success.

Best Scrapbooking Tools -Paper Crafts:

1. Adhesive Applicator: Available in permanent or repositionable, this is an absolute must-have for scrapbooking. It is quick and easy to adhere to your pictures, borders, mats, embellishments, and ribbons using this adhesive runner. Since refills are cheaper than the applicators and readily available in bulk, you will find it a cinch to keep plenty of both types on hand. It is frustrating when you work on an excellent layout or other papercraft and run out of adhesive!

Glossy Liquid Adhesive
Scrapbooking Ink Pads

2. Glossy Liquid Adhesive: You can use this under or on top of your creations to either attach or brighten and bring your viewer’s eye to the focal point of your layout. The liquid adhesive is also the perfect solution for items that will not stabilize. My favorite thing about this item is the glossy, finished look it gives to my embellishments! You will love it for scrapbooking and other papercrafts!

Journal with Pen

3. Ink Pads: You can do much more than stamping with these pads! Run the stamp pad around the edge of your photograph or the embellishment you just created to make it more dramatic or distressed. If you want to create a border, make patterns on your mats, or make personalized designer papers, press your unused pencil eraser in the ink pad for perfect circles every time!

Paper Holder

4. Small Notebook and a Pen: Making little notes about things that catch your attention when you are on a trip or just taking pictures makes it easier to remember what you thought when you snapped that picture. Your journaling will be effortless and more complete if you take notes during the event. Keeping a little note about ideas for layouts when you have them will prevent them from being forgotten when you return home. A small notebook and a pen that you can slip into your camera bag or handbag will serve this purpose.

5. On-the-go Storage for mementos: Momentos from your events and travels add such a personal touch to your layouts that you will want to save everything you can that you think will add to your memory pages. Finding an envelope, zipper bag, or a bag from a gift shop and keeping it in your camera bag or handbag will make organization a snap! Keeping your ticket stubs, programs, wristbands, and other memorabilia together will make scrapbooking less overwhelming.

Best Scrapbooking Tools for Paper Cutting:

Cutter Bee Scissors

1. A Cricut Machine: This machine is fantastic. With this machine, you can easily add professional-looking embellishments to any layout or design stunning papercrafts. Images and text are available in cartridge form or online for your use. Just imagine the possibilities that are open to you with this machine!

2. Cutter Bee Precision Cut Scissors: I knew I had to have at least one pair as soon as I learned about these. These scissors are perfect for the job for precise work and trimming of embellishments and photographs. They are also handy for many other projects you will work on since they are so sharp and precise. I also love the cover, which prevents any accidents to my fingers when digging for them, if you know what I mean!

Fiskars Paper Cutter

3. Scrapbooking 12-inch Paper Trimmer: This tool will make short work of your straight edge trimming, whether it be borders, mats, or photographs. Your paper trimmer will help you keep your edges straight and sharp to prevent wasted paper and other supplies. With a built-in ruler, trimming almost anything you need for your layout is a snap! After owning one, you will wonder how you managed without it.

Paper Piercer

4. Paper Piercing Tool Set: Using this set, you can easily create textured designs. Pierce the paper to prepare your layout for metal paper fasteners that come in an endless array of designs and colors. Add dimension to any masterpiece, or use the pins to attach photos or embellishments to any layouts with this toolset. This is also an excellent way to get more pictures on a page; with small photo protectors stacked up and pinned to your layout, the fasteners work to make a little flipbook right on your page. I could go on and on about how useful this set is.

Scrapbook Punches

5. Punches: There are so many options for punches! The two must-have punch shapes are the circle and square. You can create endless borders and embellishments with these simple, quick, easy-to-use punches. You will find that you will enjoy scrapbooking and paper crafting more if you have a couple of sizes of both punches. With these, you can save a lot of money on pre-made embellishments and borders!

Tabletop Carousel

This list could be endless, as many paper crafting and scrapbooking options are available. I’m sure you realize that I could go on when discussing preparing. To finish this article on the best scrapbooking tools for every project, I am going to add one bonus piece:

Bonus: The desktop storage carousel will become the most steady assistant in your crafting adventures.

You will want to keep it within arms reach so you can swiftly access the tool required, whether scissors, pens, pencils, inks, brushes, rulers, your heat gun, or any other favorite tool you can have organized here. With many compartments in varying depths, J-hooks, elastic band strips, and drawers, you can store many of the tools you can’t live without close at hand.

Ok, I am going to bring this to a close. If you are still reading this, thank you. I hope you found some helpful information here. What is your “best scrapbooking” tool? Would you please share it in the comment section? I am excited to hear about your favorites!

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Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project

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