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How to Assemble the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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How to Assemble the Perfect Father's Day Gift

I love Father’s Day. I like to honor my father and my husband on this day. Ever since our children grew up and moved out of our house, I’ve tried to get my husband something that would show him how much we care about him.

Father's Day

Many of these carefully planned purchases ended up in his sock drawer. Each time a holiday comes around where he thinks I will want to get him something he says the same thing. “Save your money. I have what I need. If I want something, I buy it.” I keep telling him that I want to get him gifts. I want to show him how special he is. I also know for a fact that he LOVES presents.

How to Choose the Perfect Father’s Day Gift:

Gift Assemble Father's Day

You can stop looking for a solution to this problem. Get him niceties. Niceties are the things that he wants or needs. They are nicer than the necessities. It will be alright to spend a little more on that better lotion, shaving cream, razor, shampoo, etc. since they are for a gift. Getting necessities and giving them as gifts should work out well for you. You should be able to get him gifts for every occasion without him saying a word about how much money you spent. He will enjoy the products he gets and use them. You can find many great gift ideas at Walmart.

Father's Day Gift Walmart

No more throwing your gift in his sock drawer (and never taking it out again) after telling you how much he liked it. My husband loves the nicer products so much that he wants them even when it isn’t time for a present.

Try to find a unique way to package his gifts. If it is tools, use a tool box his gift basket. If you are giving him lotions and that type of thing, gift them in a travel bag. If you are giving him items for outdoor activities, a cooler makes an excellent gift basket.

Pay attention to the things he comments on. This spring my husband went for his semi-annual check up. After his appointment, he was very pleased that the dentist commented on how well he takes care of his teeth. When asked if he used an electric toothbrush he was able to report that he was using a Philips Sonicare toothbrush. He has been using this toothbrush for years and I felt like Father’s Day would be the perfect opportunity for an upgrade.

Father's Gift

I know he loves the toothbrush he has, but when it is necessary to travel, he has to be careful about packing it, because it did not come with a case. Since he is so pleased with the toothbrush and I can buy replacement heads when he wears one out, I preferred to stick with this brand. I decided to get him the Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health electric toothbrush. This toothbrush comes with a travel case and stays charged for three weeks. With superior plaque removal, this Philips Sonicare toothbrush can help reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush in just two weeks. This upgrade should help him continue to shine with his dentist. I also felt like this would be a great addition to his cosmetic bag.

How to Assemble the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

What has the recipient of your gift been doing lately? To make a pleasing presentation of his father’s day gift, figure out how to package it. Since it was spring, and I saw him washing the car a few times, I went with that theme for his gift. I surrounded the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush with items for washing his car.

Gift Father's Day

Purchase the “gift basket” and the contents. A bucket will serve as your gift basket and not end up in the trash later. A long handled brush will make it easier and quicker to wash the car. A microfiber sponge bug scrubber should help get those bugs off the front bumper. Throw in some liquid car wash and a couple of cleaning rags and he might stop taking your bucket, dish liquid and rags and leaving them outside. Now, that’s a win-win in my book!

Once you have all of your items together, arrange them in your “basket” and put them in shrink wrap basket bag. Tie the bag with something that goes well with your theme, a bow, or something that doesn’t even show.

Heat the shrink wrap bag with a blow dryer or heat gun slowly so that it gradually shrinks to hold all of your gifts tightly. With this present, my husband, and his car will look great this spring.

Gift Day Father's

Once you are happy with the appearance of your bag, give it to the lucky recipient.

Farther's Day Gift

Happy Father’s Day! Feel free to share any inspirations you have had when putting together your beloved Father’s Day gift.

Sharing is caring!

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