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A Girl & Her Blankie

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A Girl and Her Blankie

My daughter Anna will be seven years old this October, and she still has her blankie Bubbles. My daughters are the only children that have blankies they loved, and she is the only one that held on to her past preschool. My older daughter lost hers at a restaurant a few years ago and never asked about it again. It made me sad, but she didn’t seem to care.


Anna has always had a stronger connection to Bubbles than Lexi had to her butterfly blanket, though. She does everything with her blanket, and it’s pretty obvious. She uses it as a napkin, a cape, a pillow in the car. If it can be dreamed, Bubbles can fill the job. Bubbles even have a personality of its own.

Dirty Blankie

Of all the things Bubbles has done for Anna, she has also done something for me as well. Children don’t always realize what we do for them as parents. Being a mom can be a never-ending thankless job, and I’m okay with that but once a week (more often during the summer) I get a big fat thank you… from Bubbles.

Downy Fabric Softener

When Anna started preschool, they allowed her to take Bubbles for the first few months, but eventually, they asked that Bubbles learned to spend more time at home while Anna focused on her school work. This meant that for the first time Bubbles stayed clean longer. During the summer months, Bubbles may take as many as four baths a week depending on what types of crafts or play we get into so I never know how many thank you’s I’ll get (again thanks to Bubbles) in one week.

Downy Fabric

When I wash Bubbles I always use Downy and no one, and I mean NO ONE is allowed to take Anna her blanket when it’s time go to bed. Why? After a long hard day of working, breaking up fights, running the kids all over town, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything moms do every day with no affirmation I get to watch her face light up as she hugs and squeezes her warm blanket and tells me how soft it is and how goooooood Bubbles smells.


Sure, she doesn’t come right out and thank me for making that happen. BUT it’s good enough for me.


As a mom I trust Downy with my baby girl’s favorite blankie because I know that it will keep it soft and help it last as long as possible (hopefully long enough to be passed down to her daughter). Bubbles has helped comfort her through the years, and that’s something I know she’d love to be able to pass down to her children.

Anna Bubbles Blankie




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Sharing is caring!

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