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77kids In-Store Shopping Experience {Children’s Fashion}

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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting 77kids (the kids brand from American Eagle Outfitters). I was excited to check it out because they only have a handful of stores located mostly on the east coast. As soon as you spot the store, you can tell it’s high energy and edgy shopping experience, and my girls couldn’t wait to start shopping.


77kids Basics:

I found it interesting to learn that all of the clothes from 77kids are pre-washed. This not only makes the clothing softer, but also takes care of the smelly die, and insures accurate sizing when your kidlets try on the clothes. My daughters both tried on a few different pieces while we were in the store, and unlike other brands, the clothes are very true to size.


We also learned that 77kids has a 77 wash guarantee. If the clothing you purchase falls apart or wears out before 77 washes, you can exchange it.

Not only does 77kids carry a vast variety of clothing, but they also offer toys, best-selling books, games, and accessories. You could take care of all of your Christmas shopping in one store this year!

77kids Girls:

The girl’s clothes are a mix of punk and adorable. The cool thing is that while I side on the “pretty adorable” selection, a mom can easily punk up and outfit with leggings or a leather jacket. While shopping, I chose matching sweater dresses for my girls that retailed for $49.50. I fell in love with all of the dresses and skirts. The dark colors are great for active girls who play outside a lot.

From what I saw most of the girl’s clothes ranged from $14.95 – $49.50, so that’s a pretty big range and would fit most shopper’s budget, and is also very comparable for mall shopping.

My top pick for girls (although I ended up buying a different dress because I knew my girls would get more use out of it):

77kids Boys:

While I didn’t shop for my boys during this trip, 77kids is now my go-to store for my boys. They are 7 & 8 years old and have entered the sports and rock stage that most boys go through. I was thrilled with the selection they had for boys and found their prices are comparable to what I usually pay.


The graphic tees would have my boys grabbing a little of everything off the shelves, and I’m sure they would have asked for hoodies as well. I plan to take them shopping after Christmas and will share what we purchase in a separate post.

If you have a skater, rocker, or sports fan you have to check out 77kids!

My favorite top pick for boys:

77kids The Shopping Experience: 





The 77kids store is about fashion and fun. Most moms I know dread mall shopping with little ones in tow because kids HATE the mall!

From a kids perspective: “Nothing is more annoying or boring that waiting for your mom to browse a store full of things you can’t touch, and watching her stress as you accidentally bump into things that are breakable, and hide under clothing racks.”

77kids takes the stress out of shopping. Everything in the store is kid-friendly. Even the dressing rooms are designed with the kids in mind. They have locking cut-outs in the doors so your child can open the “window” to ask for help! From the lights that dance on the floor, interactive picture snapping screens, and bolted down shelving units, this store was made for kids. My girls had a blast trying to step on skully (the skull and crossbones that danced around on the floor). They also loved getting a treat at the candy bar (I know right) and playing with the kids sized furniture and fixtures throughout the store. This made my shopping experience so much more enjoyable.

My biggest compliment for the 77kids store is its staff. Every manager and cashier that I dealt with ROCKED! They were super-friendly, and seemed to enjoy being around kids, which MAKES the mood! Cranky employees are never fun, but they are especially annoying when kids are involved. Everyone in the store was friendly and made our shopping experience a success! Thanks, ladies :).

My 77kids:

~I received a 77kids gift card to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

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