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5 Freelance Jobs You Can Do Anywhere. Even As A Mom!

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Being a freelancer can seem like a dream come true for many. The idea of making your own schedule and being your own boss seems like the perfect work environment especially when you are a parent.

Here is a list of 5 freelance jobs that mold themselves to just about any lifestyle:


Writing offers the most options as a freelancer. You could write in any number of ways, be that in a novel or for any of the numerous blogs online. You could also start your own blog and write about the things that may interest you the most. Importantly, you should learn different writing styles and try to match your style for any client for which you may be writing.

Tens of thousands of businesses and sites offer writing jobs, but unfortunately many do not offer pay until you have established an online identity. Some offer pay on a per post basis while others opt for a per word pay structure. In the end, you determine how much or how little you’re willing to make.

Web Designer

Web design is already a very lucrative industry and it’s still growing. Some businesses and individuals prefer custom designed sites, while others may opt for a theme that can be purchased for free by anyone, although they typically offer customization options as well.

Web design is an art and while it may not require a college degree to be successful, it takes extreme dedication to learn on your own. Web design is about attention to detail and often incorporates basic marketing concepts to know what different industries are looking for in a website.


Similar to web design in terms of its lucrative market value, photography doesn’t require a degree but does require a lot of education. A quality photographer will know how to operate their camera and other equipment, but also must understand lighting and the effects it has on their equipment. If you’re intending to work in portraiture, it is also important to have strong customer service skills and large amounts of patience. Portraiture is also about understanding the psychology of people.

Travel photography can be sold to third party companies for stock imagery purposes as well as specific businesses. Equipment can be expensive but it is not necessary to invest in large quantities unless the specific type of photography requires the equipment.

Massage Therapist 

Massage therapy requires specific training to understand how the human body works. Once this training is established, careers in massage therapy are not only flexible in hours and structure, but also very portable. The tables used are often designed so they may be folded and stored when not in use or when traveling. Therapists can maintain personal clients while also working at spas or physical therapy offices.


Translators are becoming more and more in demand. Many companies are seeking individuals who are capable of fluently speaking two or more languages. CNN reports a 42 percent increase in the translator job market, not including military positions. These positions may include being a liaison between foreign offices or even translating sites for other countries.

Some companies may take on a translator as a full time position while others may hire on a freelance basis. Often pay is per word, so speed is an important factor.

When exploring freelance options, be sure to thoroughly research your options. Some career paths require more formal training while others present options that accommodate less training, yet are far more competitive. Some careers many also require you to provide your own equipment so learning and material costs should all be considered.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.